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[gelatin dessert]China Xinwang on May 27th, according to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh, according to the relevant arrangement of the vaccine =□●△”Chunmian Action” in Meng, China•△-, the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh is batch in Mengjie. The capital city (Dhaka●◇, Jigda□-★•, Langbul, Barzal, Kurna, Lajshach, Mamint, Slette) has steadily ordered in Meng, through Meng Governments vaccination mechanism. Chinese citizen vaccination. The first batch of vaccination time and institutional arrangements for the first batch of vaccination were as follows☆•-: 1. The first batch of inoculation arrangements (1) Inoculated in Dhaka Region (1) As of May 24, according to “domestic vaccination in Meng Chinese citizens Regist=△▽?

Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 27th (Singpeng) Chuantai Industrial Cooperation Symposium held in Chengdu on the 27th. It is reported that this symposium is one of the series of activities of the “Taiwan Weichang◇•” event. In order to further deepen the economic and trade cooperation between Chuanyu Territory◇■•△, build the important contracting platform in the two places in Taiwan and the shift in Taiwan, and the important gathering place in mainland China, 24th to 28th, Sichuan, Chongqing jointly organized ▼-▪▼”Taiwan Weixiang “Activities, invited Taiwan companies, Taiqing▼▷, and Taiqing▲★, Taiqing…=•, and Taiqing represents more than 100 people■•. Divide the development opportunities in Sichuan and Chongqing▽◁•▲, and jointly prospecting the broad prospects of Sichuan Territory. As an important growth in mainland economy, double city economy in Cheng.

China New Network Beijing May 28 (Reporter Yu Li) has taken a total of 14 batches of non-qualified imported childrens supplies, including childrens toothbrushes, childrens clothing and toys. This is the reporter learned from Beijing Customs on May 28. Recently, the Shunyi Customs of Beijing Customs has been detected after two batch of foreign imported infant clothing, and 41 baby pants involving three items belong to unqualified childrens products. In this regard, the Guanyi method is destroyed by the above cargo▪●■. “Recently seized childrens clothing is unqualified and formaldehyde has a problem of ultra-standard, which does not meet the requirements of” Safety Technical Specifications for Infants and Children s Textile Products .