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[liquid collagen]Original title: Zhu Lilun, New North Mayor Zhu Lilun■-★◇, grateful to Suzhou: Thanks to the help of □…”Suzhou News” WeChat Public No. Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee▲□, the Secretary of Suzhou City Meet, the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary We will meet the visit to Suzhou City. Taiwan New North City Mayor Zhu Lilun is a line. Zhou Naixiang welcomed Zhu Liluns first time to visit Suzhou. Zhou Nai Xiang said that Suzhou is one of the most intense parts of mainland Taiwanese investment-○□, and is one of the most active cities exchanged with Taiwan. At present, Suzhou City has approved 11,170 Taiwan-funded projects•□▼, and 73% of the provinces of import and export trade, and there are more than 100▼=…,000 people living in a certainty. Honghai■□, Advantera Technology, and Swong Electronics and other enterprises have investment projects in Suzhou. Suzhou is also one of the hotspots in cross-strait exchanges▷•◁. Sumai exchange cooperati▪▲◆●.

Original title: Pray! Phuket Turban Accident China Tourists have died, over 30 people lost according to the latest data in the Songka Consulate General in Thailand☆••, as of 6:00 local time, Thailand, Phuket Sea△▲△, Thailand, Chinese tourists, 16 people Death, 30 people to 40 people were lost, 5 people injured in tourists were injured in surgery=▲…, 6 people left hospital treatment observation. At the accident sea area▼○◁, the wave is about 5 meters local time at 17:45, and the two ships containing 127 Chinese tourists returned to Phuket●▲★=, and suddenly overturned, and instantly tipped. Phuketfu Yin Norapa said that at the time of the accident…■, the waves were up to 5 meters▼☆. Nolapa received an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter at noon on the Phuket Rescue Command Center at noon on the 6th•▽△=, after recalculation□◇△…, there were 58 people before the beginning of the rescue operatio fish oil soft gelatin capsule!

Original title▲△△▪: Resolutely cut the gray interest chain: All the races of Yunnan tourism shopping venue rating “After a year of heavy punch rectification, the Yunnan tourism market zero group fee low price tour▪△◁, forced shopping, etc., but the rectification is never Will I have to waste halfway. “The National Peoples Congress representative, Yunnan Provincial Governor, Yan Chengfa, in the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Yunnan delegation opened on the opening day. Yunnan is a tourist province, and is also one of the earliest provinces of China. Yunnan Province has almost all tourism resources other than the ocean▼◆•=, and is deeply loved by tourists at home and abroad. However□▼, in recent years-○◇, Yunnan tourism market has frequently issued a public concern. I dont know if you remember, once, Yunnan tourism shopping places have levels. In accordance with the provisions of the “Tourism Shopping Places] of Yunnan Province–, according to the purcha■★.

Original title: Xinhua News Agencys right to broadcast “Peoples Republic of China Supervision Law” Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 3rd National Peoples Congress, a meeting, Vote passed the “Peoples Republic of China Supervision Law◁◁”, and the President Xi Jinping signed President No. 3 Order, the Xinhua News Agency, the 26th▽▲●, the right to broadcast this law. Total 9 chapters, including general, monitoring organs and their duties▷▪▷●, surveillance, supervision-△▪, monitoring procedures, anti-corruption international cooperation☆▪▪, supervision, legal responsibility, and totaling of monitoring organs and monitors■▲, 69. The development of supervision is to implement the important initiatives of the Party Central Committee on Deepening the Decision – making deputies of national monitoring system▲◆▲•; it is an inevitable requirement to persist and strengthen the leadership of the partys anti-corruption work, build centralized unity, and efficient national monitoring syste custom collagen gelatin!

Original title★□•: Phuket Volunteers seven non-resisted days: Survivors heard Chinese crying to help the compatriots home is from the heart▪•○: Legal Evening News Thailand local time July 5, 17:45, Beijing time 18 At the time 45, the Phuket Tour “Phoenix”◁○•△, “Aisa Princess” overturned in the return of the big storm●■, “Aisa Princess No.” is all rescued, and “Phoenix” is contained Some visitors will sink into the sea. By the end of July 11, 47 victims in the “Phoenix” were found. Finally, 101 people were confirmed, including 89 tourists, 42 people were killed, 47 people were killed▪=◆. After the sea disaster◁=○▪, Phukets local Chinese peoples WeChat figures prayed an expression icon instant screen, many local Chinese a★★△.industrial uses of proteins – japanese fish collagen nano peptid review 120 bloom gelatin edible gelatin manufacturer,