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bovine gelatin manufacturer![collagen peptide from fish]Original title▼△•★: China Crude Oil Futures “Full Moon◆▷▲”△☆◆: The volume of 60,000 hands is high or low■▽☆? China New Jingwei Client April 26 (Yan Shuxin) officially launched China crude oil futures (ie, ineng futures) today ushered in “full moon” today. As the first domestic futures variety in China•▷, how is its market performance? Shanghai International Energy Trading Center data shows that as of 3:00 pm on April 25, INE crude oil futures total transaction volume is 13.342 million…◆=▽, the daily turnover is 63,500; the total turnover is 56-△▼□.7173 billion yuan■◆□. Some insiders analyzed that the above transaction volume of ine crude oil futures has exceeded Oman crude oil futures in the Dubai Commodities Exchange (DME). It is understood that Oman crude oil futures and Brent crude oil futures (BR!

Original title: The provincial general trade union released the implementation of the grassroots trade union fund revenue and expenditure management implementation rules birthday fee to 400 yuan to give birth to the highest thousand yuan Guangzhou Daily News (Full Media reporter Wang Xiaoquan correspondent Wang Ya) reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial General Union★●■, recently Formulating and issuing the implementation rules (trial) “(trial)■=” (trial) “(trial)” (hereinafter referred to as “Implementation Rules”•○□, in accordance with the various expenses of the employee, 23 expenditure projects have 14 new Increase the project. New welfare includes marriage…=, retirement, funeral condolences, etc., all have corresponding condolences, condolences to gold issuance standards. The retirement can issue a new project of not over 100 souvenirs, and the trade union members marriage◇•▼, when birth▷-☆, the grassroots trade union can give condolences and condolences★•=, standards generally no more than 1,000 yu?

Original title: [Site] The person in charge of a web approach wanted to communicate twice. The female representative still called for strengthening supervision◁…. Summary: Individual webmobile platform ignores regulations=△◇•, I am in my own, not only I have not yet received online usage car operation license The regional violation is engaged in operation=▼, and continues to send orders that do not have operational qualifications, actually organize black car operations in large-scale land. ☆-…”Last year◆…, I mentioned the net approximation in the National Peoples Conference. At that time▪☆◁-, I made a suggestion. I would like to pay this year•▲. Because I have found that the governance situation is not optimistic edible gelatin 20 mesh gelatin usp grade fish collagen peptides!” Two sessions last year, the National Peoples Congress representative Fan Wei The webmark platform should be docked with government regulatory platforms…◇, severe punishment and increased behavior, and the Shanghai delegations representatives of Shanghai delegation, Fan Wei once aga●○★★.

Original title: This must hurt the revenge of the United States. Is China easily do China to restrict US soybean imports to report to Tutrapping tariffs? Our view is: will be willing=◇▽◆. If Trump has a truthfulness of Chinas $ 60 billion merchandise. Some Americans believe that China cant find alternatives for American soybeans◆▪-•, restrict the price of US soybeans to pull up Chinas edible oil and pork-▷•. In addition, once China has caused the United States to take further action, China and the United States trade warfare, Chinas losses will be much larger than the United States. This is both proud and naive ideas. Soy is one of the easiest substitutes of agricultural products. South American countries and Russias soy producers, and Russias soy producers must not squeeze the US soya from the Chinese market. And Brazil has become more than the United Stat liquid collagen private label!