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[gelatin capsules 0]Beijing released sandstorm blue early warning release Date: 2018-03-28 05□▼■:35:00 Beijing Meteorological Observatory 28th 35 points release dust blue warning▼▼★▽, affected by the upstream dust weather, is expected to floating dust in 28 oclock Weather△◁▷, low visibility, please pay attention to prevention. Editor in charge: Liu Debin SN2▷▲.

Original title: illegally invading the protected area more than a thousand acres, “Circular Industry Park=◁” becomes “pollution source”? As a national “urban mineral■◇▲” demonstration base, what is the renewable resource circular economy demonstration zone in Ningxia Lingwu City? Is it in the national nature reserve=▪•? Why is the largest pollution source in the ▷☆”Circular Economy” hat Recently, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group has been inspected to supervise the park. In the past two years◁★, the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Committee has become ◆▽=★”hand-made shopkeeper”▽▼☆. The local government hopes to re-discovery in the ==☆”Reprotice”▪●▷, and ignore the rectification of central environmental inspections in 2016▼=. Requirements, leading to the land of protected areas that have not been exited from the park, environmental pollution is still protruding. On June 19, the inspectors learned about the situation to the staff in a car dismantling company. Xinhua News Agen●○-▷.

Original title▼●■◇: Notice of Notice on Regulating the Issue of Financial Enterprises Relevant Issues Concerning Local Governments and State – owned Enterprises Investment Behaviors [2018] No•□●▼. 23 Financial Enterprises: financial enterprises are important forces to support local economic and social development. At present, financial enterprise operations are overall▷○, but in service local development=☆, there is still too much to rely over government credit books, bundled local governments●◆, bundled state-owned enterprises, accumulated local debt risks, exacerbate Financial financial risk risks. In order to fully implement the 19th National Spirit of the Party, implement the national financial work conference and demand, and resolutely preserve the definition of major risks, promote the robust operation of financial enterprises◆◇, and further urge financial enterprises to strengthen risk management and financial management, strictly implement national go▼▷•.pea protein industry – collagen and gelat collagen drink skin whitening gelatin porcine meaning,