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[vital proteins bovine collagen peptides]Original title: Operators statement◇☆☆, “unlimited”, but still has a package that is not in the eye-catching position to prompt =◇”Daily Speed” According to China Voice “News◆○” report: mobile Internet era, traffic is ▼◆△=”just need”▼▪☆. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the traffic of mobile Internet access by 1 to April this year reached 15.4 billion GB, an increase of 209% year-on-year•◁■, accounting for 98% of the total mobile Internet▽■. In the era of the whole people=○◁, many operators also launched the so-called “unlimited” package to make a lot of ▪□△=”large traffic”. However◇▷=•, there are many users reflect that these unlimited package are unrestrained▽•=: traffic is super-limited will be limited●◁▽. What makes many consumers have been puzzled, these “hidden rules☆▽=” are often hidden in the product details page•◇■, with gray body or small word identification, which makes people cant resist. Offline business hall◆◇, telepho?

Original title: The left front arm is raised by an amputation of the disaster, and the last survivor is “the last survivor■●☆” Ma Yuanjiang▪▲: “I never treat myself as a disabled” · Peoples business card · Ma Yuanjiang, 42 years old this year, China Network Sichuan Electric Power Company Yingxiu Wan Hydraulic Power Generation Factory. The collapsed office building was buryed in the Wenchuan Earthquake▪●◁. At 1 oclock in the morning of May 20th, he was successfully rescued•◇, trapped 178 hours and 22 minutes, it was the longest rescue of the Wenchuan earthquake●…•. Ma Yuanjiang=•, a name that was well known ten years ago. He was buried under the Wenchuan earthquake, a total of 178 hours, 22 minutes, is the last survivor who is rescued. Before the landslide, he had a “last meal★▪•” in the electric plant cafeteria, and then eight days eight nights, the drip is not in★■▼. In the collapsed office building, there is no food, dri?

Original title: About Hebei Province Womens Prison Criminals Li Shuxian did not have a notification of the situation of preservation and medical conditions, and there was a news that ▷□●△”the 80-year-old old lady was rejected for two and a half years of medical treatment.” Hebei Province Prison Administration has paid attention to this matter. After investigation■◇, this report involved in the womens prison in the province▼=•, Li Shuxian, who was prisoner. The criminal Li Shuxian, female★▼▪◆, born on December 1▲-◁▷, 1934, people in Yingping County★◆, Hebei Province★=. On November 18, 2016, he was sentenced to two years in prison for the crime of seeking trouble□■. From November 18=□☆, 2016 to March 21, 2016 (which was designated for 114 days, folded against prison 57 day). On December 16-◇■, 2016, he was sent to Hebei Province Womens Prison to serve. May 23, 201-■!

# 两 会 2018 # [my country issued “3rd National Peoples Congress▼▷▲☆” Commemorative Stamp] China Post issued a set of one set of memorial stamps of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress of the Peoples Republic of China. The full set of stamps is 1.20 yuan. The design technique of this set of stamps is rigorous and orderly, and the picture is wide and the momentum is extraordinary▽-◆▲. (Reporter Fan Wei, Zhao Wenjun) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh▷•. plant protein industry value industrial hemp as a source of protein Contacts beef gelatin factory gelatin pectin halal,