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[protein bar health industry news]Guangzhou Daily News Yesterday, when the Supreme Peoples Court Work Report and the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Work Report, Chen Jianhua, director of the National Peoples Congress and Guangzhou Municipal Peoples Congress, proposed ▷★”Suggestions on Perfecting Drunk Driving Dangerous Driving Crime Legislation, Judicial Work.” In recent years-□, drunk driving hazardous driving cases have continued to grow■▼☆◆, and the quantity is high in criminal cases. This type of case is crowded for a large number of judicial resources◆■□▪, and there is still a problem of irregular quantotary standards. After many drunken drunk drivers were labeled “label”▷-★▽, life is therefore affected◁▪•◁. Chen Jianhua recommended the revision of the criminal procedure law or conduct legislation, establishing the system of “drunk driving cases, not suing”, and recommending the “two highs” to introduce judicial interpretation, norm the factual identification, unified quantity standard. Drunk driving case prosecution rate high Chen Ji?

Original title: provoke the honeymoon period of the China Russian relations and the latest routine, renewed again○☆. Soon, Qingdao will hold a new first-selection, Russian President Putin will visit China and attend☆-▽, which is also the first visit to the big country after President President■▪▷★. The knife brother brushed the news on the Internet, but saw a clear report that was very conspicuous in an applause and flowers◁■▪◇. Ni? Do you have a relationship between these two■■▽△? After reading the understanding◁○★=, the knife girl helped everyone to draw this report▪◁●: 1 The Russian media forwarded Bloomberg exclusively reported that the report invoked several anonymous sources, saying China will cancel Plan Plan in 2019. It is fully released to make everyone born (this has been rumored)□★. 2 Russian society is frightened, worri○◆-!

China New Network on May 28th◇▼, the US Department of Defense official recently said that the Pentagon plans to send the only aircraft carrier ▼▼◇”Rigag” in the Asia Pacific region to the Middle East to assist in the dismour of the United States from Afghanistan▪◆◇▲. action. Data Map◇●: US ★△▼=”Rigan” nuclear power carrier. According to reports◆◆△, the official said that “Rigan” plans to drive from the mother port located in Yingquta, Japan, from the Summer Port of Japan, and stay in Afghanistan for about 4 months▪-★◁. According to the report, this will be “Rigan” aircraft carrier since the first time in 2015, during his departure, the US Navy will have no aircraft carrier in the Asia-Pacific region. US President Biden announced on April 13▽☆•….

Original title▼◁▼◁: Foreign media★-▲: US Navigation Enterprise will change the city name to the US aviation data in the last moment. (Reuters) Overseas Network July 24th China Civil Aviation Authority requires 44 foreign airlines to mark information in Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macao, and July 25 is the last deadline●○★…. Reuters quoted that there were reports that after consultation with the US government▲▲▽▽, the three major airlines in the United States will modify the Taiwan name in the official website at the last moment of the 25th, using the ◇•”City Name☆■▲▼” to marke Taiwans destination, to escape the Chinese “punishment According to reports, an American Airlines Director said that the US State Department notified the Chinese Embassy in Washington, in the evening of Monday (23rd), and several major airlines in the United States will be in the list of Chinese and English website destination peptide collagen fish 100 nippi origin powder gelatin to sheet conversion◇■◆○ Pectin manufacturer types of gelatin, bovine hide collagen peptides vs gelatin!