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About Us,[scifts](Anti-neck coronary pneumonia) Macau first Indian popular variants, the government appeals to the public to vaccinate the vaccination in Macau May 26 (reporter Longsilo) Macaus new coronary virus infection, the Coordination Center is announced…▷, and the Macau, which was diagnosed before▲•☆▷, The 51st case of new crown pneumonia was diagnosed▷◇, and B.1.617 new crown virus variant strain was detected□○•◁. The virus strain appeared in Macau★=, showing the threat of new crown virus infections in Macau▼★, and the authorities called for unrocked citizens to vaccinate the vaccine as soon as possible. The Strain Coordination Center said that B.1.617 new crown mutation strain was first found in India in December last year. At present, the epidemic has caused a large outbreak in a wide range of Indi.

Original title: US media said China leads the world manufacturing automation: a car accessories factory that is high-speed growth of robot in Kunshan, Jiangsu, and industrial robots are processing auto parts. (Hong Kong “South China Morning Post” Website) Reference Message Network On March 22, where is the idea of ​​being accepted▼△◇◁? US media said that it is not the United States or Europe, which is China leading the world. China is a ◇■”manufacturing automation country◆▪▽•”, not the low-cost labor provider. According to the US “Value Walk” News website reported on March 19, manufacturing automation demand continues to grow, and fundamentally promotes this demand growth is China★-•, Chinas economy accounts for less than 15%, but it is automated The demand for technology is twice the number•…★□. A report of HSBC pointed out th=▼!

Original title: The Constitution at the National Peoples Convention, the history is the first time capsule sizes ngil company hydrolyzed beef gelatin factory gelatin fish collagen peptides by custom collagens hydrolyzed! Source: The first constitutional swearing event at the National Peoples Congress of the Beijing Youth Daily, held on March 17. Such swearing activities-●▲, will be held on the 18th and 19th. At the press conference of the 13th National Peoples Congress•▷☆▲, the spokesman Zhang Yucai introduced that this is the first constitutional swearing in the National Peoples Congress since the Constitution. The Constitution sworn from the unsuccessful Chinese constitutional oath system begins in October 2014□…. On the month, the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee was reviewed through the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on a major problem of the law in accordance with the law.?