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[the meat industry solutions to plant protein]Original title: The National Development and Reform Commission held the 2018 Work Rational Works planning Northeast Revitalization Key Work According to the Northeast website, the website of the website on March 5-•, in order to implement the decision-making deployment of the 19th National Congress of the Party on “Reproducing the Reform of the Northeast Industrial Base”, Zhen Xing Division Recently, the 2018 work service virtual meeting will be held, and the focus of Northeast revitalization. At the meeting…○-, the buddies focused on deepizing the key tasks of the old industrial bases such as the Northeast☆▪●, mainly starting the hand and work platform☆◆△▷. In 2018, the reform to accelerate the expected results of Northeast Revitalization, etc.★•, have conducted active speech and enthusiastic discussions. Everyone believes that with the implementation of the new round of Northeast Chinas revitalization, the economic operation in the northeast province has actively changed▲▼, and the back is more obvious, but it is also necessary to clearly recognize that the system has long plagued the Northeast Chin.

Original title: (Education) Ministry of Education: After the end of 2018●=, all school training institutions completed all school training institutions to rectify Xinhua News Agency■…◇△, Beijing August 23 (Reporter Hu Hao) Ministry of Education…□■, Director, Director, Director, 23rd○■●★, 23, as of August 20, National It has touched 382,000 foreign training institutions, of which 259□☆-◇,000 have been found▪▷, and 45,000. In the second half of the year■=•□, the Ministry of Education will increase the intensity of rectification and supervision and supervision with relevant departments, and ensure that all training institutions have completed the rectification work of all training institutions before the end of 2018. In recent years…○, some school training institutions have carried out “test” training in violation of education teaching laws and quality education, interfere with normal education teaching and enrollment in enrollment▷…▲, and increases students extracurricular burden. In February this year, the Ministry of Education will jointly issue a notice with relevant department.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing May 27 (Reporter Mei Changwei) The Ministry of Defense held a routine reporter meeting on the 27th, the Department of Defense News spokesperson Tan Kefei answers questions about China and foreign journalists on earthquake relief, US Taiwan weapons. The mission officers and soldiers struggled to fight against earthquake relief☆★. On the evening of May 21 and 22 in the morning, Yunnan Dali Prefecture, Yunhai●▷▲, Daluo▷◇▪, Mado County, Mado County, took success, 7.4 earthquake. Tan Kefei introduced that after the disaster occurred, the Central Military Commission joint operation command center and the relevant aater•○◇●, the force launched the emergency response mechanism…▽, emergency investment to carry out rescue and disaster relief, and designated the preparation of the projections of the near-troops to preform. At present, disaster relief work is in powerful developmen! powder from gelatin custom collagenmarine fish collagen peptide.

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