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[marine collagen peptides vs bovine]Original title○●☆•: Hong Kong media said that China and Japan jointly developed the worlds fastest suspension train☆•◁: 500 km from March 7, 2018★▪◁, the train travels near Chess Bay Station○▪▪-, Huanji, Huanji, Hainan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Guanyu photographed news network April 27 report port media said that China promotes high-speed rail travel to the world seems to be warmed▽■, and China is jointly developing a rapid speed up to 500 kilometers with Japan. It may become the fastest train in the world. According to the Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post●▪” website■△, “Chongqing Morning News•▽●…” invokes the Professor Lai Yuguang▷▽…□, who participated in the development of Chongqing University of Technology▪□■, said that the first generation of high-speed pneumatic suspension trains, second generation style trial and real-heart trials have been in Japan. carry out. According to reports◇▷▽□, the highest speed of such a train may reach!

Original title: Changshan Pharmaceutical: Disclosure of ED patients misleading investors were warned by the Securities Regulatory Commission and fined 600◁■,000 yuan Changshan Pharmaceutical (300255) No. 24 Evening announcement, received a prior notice from Hebei Securities Supervision Bureau. Changshan Pharmaceutical is suspected in the relevant industry data•△, and has not obtained the research report of the Securities Company. It did not write to the research report composing the source of consulting data and the determination of calculation methods△▲◇. It is arbitrarily disclosed in the announcement. The number of domestic ED patients is about 140 million, and the investment behavior of investors has misleading●□. Decided to give a warning to Changshan Pharmaceutical○■◇△, and fined 600,000 yuan●▷; Gao Shuhua, the chairman of the company•……◆, and the secret Wu Zhiping gave a warning and a fine of 300,000 yuan. Editor in charge▼…•: Huo .

Original title…-○: The former vice chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission is in charge of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and people call the ▼▼”Iron Niangzi” Hong Kong Stock Exchange today released an announcement. He served as Vice Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. He is currently the Chairman of the Hong Kong SAR Financial Development Bureau. Zhou Songgang, the current chairman of the year…□, became the chairman of the new Hong Kong Stock Exchange. At the age of 67, the history of the history of the history of the history is quite legendary. She is a doctor of law, and she worked in the US federal court and had many years of lawyers. At the beginning of 2001, Shi Meilun, vice chairman of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regulatory Commission, was appointed as the vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the purpose is to let the “Chinese Characteristics of the stock market▽☆” look for a road to internationally. Professionals in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are rare. At that time, That Mimerane once treated this as “one of them” at the interview with CCT. pectine halal pharmaceutical automatic soft gelatin capsule Pectin manufacturer pectin production line from apple pork gelatin wholesaler,