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[marine collagen peptides vs bovine collagen peptides]Original title•○△■: Li Ganjie: The environmental inspector is resolutely opposed to usually do not act as a chaos◇◇•, as a 13th National Peoples Congress▷△==, a meeting of the Meeting of the National Peoples Congress•▲☆, held a press conference at the central multi-function hall of Meiya△◇★, invited Li Ganjie, Minister of Environmental Protection. The relevant issues of ●☆☆”Hitting the Pollution Prevention and Control” have answered the question of Chinese and foreign journalists. At the 13th National Peoples Congress◇-…◁, the news center held a press conference at the Multi-function Hall of the Metacity Center, and invited the Minister of Environmental Protection. The picture shows the Minister of Environmental Protection, Li Ganjie, answered the reporter. Xinhuanet / China Government Network Chen Jiejing Central Peoples Broadcasting Station☆…○★, Yangguang Net reporter○★◇: The topic I care is environmental inspector. Last year, the central environmental inspector realized a.

Original title: The short board of the administrative supervision has been narrowed in the long-term ruling conditions, enhancing the partys self-purification ability, ensuring the cleaning, the government is clean, and the political clearing, the party has determined that our party must improve self-supervision and strengthen Supervision of national organs. In the past, due to the narrow range of supervisory objects required by the administrative supervisory law, there was a considerable branch of public officials who were disciplined to supervise the discipline inspection and supervision△-◆▷. According to Article 2 provisions of the Administrative Operations Law of the Peoples Republic of China It means that monitoring objects are mainly administrative and their staff▪•=◇. Improve party and national supervision syste◇…▼?

Original title: Luo Shenglian representatives: Develop animal protection law to prevent the abuse of the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress=★◆, deputy director of the Central Environmental Resources Committee of the Agricultural Workers Party, and Nanchang Aviation University President Roshenglian▷▪▪○. Scholans, Jiasa, Beijing, China, March 14 (reporter history) “Life is above★▲◁▷. At present, China has already protected women, children and disabled people, etc.☆▼, and for the protection of animals, China lacks a protective animal from Abuse comprehensive law. =◆”The deputy director of the National Peoples Congress and the Central Environmental Resources Committee of the Agricultural Workers●○, the Nanchang Aviation University, the Nanchang Aviation University◆…◇□, who received reporters during the two sessions of the reporters◇▷□▼, should be established as soon as possible○▽, the Peoples Republic of China Animal Protection Law is included in the Legislation Planning, developing a law of protecting animals from the perspective of life. Necessary for animal protection law legislati?

Original title: Hubei has no batch vaccine, has fully deactivated Changchun Changsheng rabies vaccine in Hubei, and has fully deactivated Changchun Changsheng Rabies Vaccine. Rabies Vaccine (1) The batch rabies vaccine has not yet entered the market in accordance with the National Drug Administration★=, and the flight inspected all the batch products have not yet been factory and listed. All products have been effectively controlled=◇…◆. (2) Our province has fully deactivated the freezer of Changchun Changsheng Company with rabies vaccine. From July 16, it has all been deactivated to seal Changchun Changsheng rabies vaccine. At the same time▪▼▪□, it has emerged in an urgent coordination and opening of the second type of vaccine in Hubei Province★◁. Emergency purchase other brand rabies vaccine, guarantee the provinces mad d△=?

The long triangle is integrated◆■◁: the same basket is started to create a new pattern CCTV news (News Network): The Yangtze River Delta is one of the most active development of my countrys economy, the highest open level and the most innovative capacity▼=-•. In the past year, the three provinces in the Yangtze River Triangulation and the two keywords in the Yangtze River and the high-quality keywords have made a good job, and the industrial integration acceleration, the system innovation has achieved remarkable, and the development of the long triangulation is continuously achieved. Todays long triangle, traffic infrastructure interconnection. The latest data shows that the total mileage of the long triangle high-speed rail exceeded 6,000 kilometers☆●◇, covers more than 90% of the prefecture-level city in the area□▪△●. Many business headquarters and R & D are in Shanghai▽☆=, producing manufactured in Anhui, engineers sitting with high-speed railway▽◁, h.