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Gelatin wholesale fish gelatin marshmallows bovine hide collagen peptides candida,[industrial production of whey protein]Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 27 (Du Cheng) Peoples Bank Chengdu Branch reported that in order to promote the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, help to achieve ■-“carbon-carbon carbon neutral” goal▽▲▷, the banks innovation monetary policy The tool is used to formulate special support plans for carbon emission reduction tickets★▽, guiding financial institutions to use central banks to increase funds to increase financing support for carbon emission reduction enterprises. Since the plan for half a month, the carbon reduction ticket has been applied to 95▼☆●●, the amount is 1123 billion yuan. The annual reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide corresponding to the payment of the payment of 342,200 tons, and the bill discount is average the average interest rate in the first quarter. Weighted average interest rate is 0.51 percentage poin.

Peoples Daily (June 12, 2018) Damage to the ecological environment is really vital, dare to be respoted▽☆, and it is closely responsible for the scent of the Fengshan (frontier observation), the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection 6 ecological environmental damage accountability is typical, involving Tianjin▼▽★=, Hebei, Jiangsu, Anhui, Chongqing and Six provinces and cities in Gansu-★★, has been notified of more than 40 people. It is worth noting that this is the first time the Central Commission for the first time•▪, the investigation of the responsibility in this field is notified. “Party committees and government leaders at all levels are the first responsible person of the administrative region of the administrative region. All relevant departments must fulfill their ecological environmental protection responsibilities▽◆▽, so that all departments are responsible, defend their soil★•, division of labor, together.” ■▽▼”For those leading cadres who harm the ecological environmen◆○-▲!

Original title◁◁•: More than 100 big tigers, there are 3 people from the crime=•: the Juanhai Solutions Legal Evening News · View News (Reporter Zhang Ying) On April 26, Jiangxi, the former deputy governor Li Liang was ◆▷”double open•◁○…”. This person has been in charge of state-owned enterprises for many years. In the previous year□☆-▷, the person has also collapsed in Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant “11 · 24” cooling tower construction platform to collapse the special major accident due to leadership, it was named by the State Council. According to the report●•◁■, Li Lianghuang is suspected of accepting bribes, corruption▽▪●, abuse of power, and misappropriation of public funds. The reporter noted that this person is 18th National Level of more than 100 provincial-level cadres△△, and the third tiger involved in morning public funds☆◇. Even the Standing Committee of the Qinghai, the Standing Committee of the Qihai, the Secretary of Xining•△, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee◆☆▲, and the vice chairman of the Tianjin Original CPPCC◁▼◆, also committed this sin and sentenced. Moun□…▼△. china powdered gelatine gelatin sheet factory