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[pectin for drink]Original title: Another artifact! This ▷◇△”giant Mac◁●” manufactured in China will export overseas▽◇, ending the European and American monopoly [Global Times reporter Li Shikun] has always been a special machinery and equipment for the opening of the tunnel▽△=, and the oversized diameter shield machine is monopolized by Europe and the United States and Japan. That is, there is no one in China in other countries-▼, other countries outside China. There is no one in China□•. But this status quo will soon become history◆▲▽●. On March 13th, the export overseas large diameter shield machine, which was developed independently developed by my country◁•▲◁, under the launch of the MTA and Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd☆▲•.◆▲, this diameter of 12▽▲▼.12 meters, the large diameter mud water pressure balance shield shield machine, Chinas largest shield road tunnel project in China – Bangladesh Cartina Papri River Tunnel Project, this is al△★☆….

[Review Line] Zhongan Times: “Four History” propaganda education should take the mass line recently…▪△, the Office of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee printed “on the development of party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, socialist development history and education Notice●-▲, conduct arrangements for ◁○-“four history” publicity and education in the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China▷★▼. I want to know the award, I must first be a history. On the occasion of the Breakfast of the Party Century◇●-, the whole society has widened the party history, new China history, the history of reform and opening up history●○, and socialist development, and has both realistic and far-reaching significance. To take the mass line, insist on the masses□◁, close to the masses, serve the masses, come from the masses, go to the masses▲◁, and go d.

China Xinwang▪•★, on May 27th◇◆, according to the “Central Society” report, at present, there are 10 capital provinces in Japan to apply “Emergency Declaration△◁”, but in addition to the late Okinawa Prefecture, the 9-place epidemic has no significant improvement. The Japanese government decided on the 27th, in principle, the declaration will be released from May 31 to June 20, and the government will consult an expert group on May 28 and publish the final program…•. On April 23, local time•▷◁, Japans Tokyo Street Big Screen broadcasts the Japanese governments third release of an emergency declaration. According to reports○•△…, there is no new coronal pneumonia in Japan to expatriate, exclude Okinawa Prefecture in Okinawa□▽, and the six-way influence of emergency developments have not seen significant improvements. d fish peptide collagen iherb pectin extract peptone culture antibactérien!Gelatin wholesale grass fed bovine collagen peptides,