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[protein drink industry stats]Original title▽○: ignite! This △•”China Team” has been “kick◇=○” in Belarus 3rd•◇●, and Belarus holds a grand independent day parade○▪•. At the invitation department of the Belarus, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army guards participate in this parade▷☆•. Among more than 10 formal readers, 66 Peoples Liberation Army guards were in accordance with Russian letters★…◁◇. The Liberation Army honor includes three national flag group members, and three team leaders and 60 shots of the commando knives are divided into 6 columns. The average age is less than 21 years old▷■, with an average height of 186 cm. When I walked through the Guantai■●◁, the action was uniform…●. The pace was firm and powerful. I got out of the Belarusian military parade○□●, highlighting the national power. China s Russian ambassador Cui Qiming said after the military parade, the P▽◇.

Original title: Chinas import demand is strong◆▼, these two countries are the most happy source: the country is the expansion of the through train in the energy field, China can not only talk△□…•. The latest data on the Bureau shows that in April•=○, Chinas crude oil imports increased significantly, and imported 39.46 million tons. It increased by 14.7% year-on-year, and the growth rate was accelerated by 14.1 percentage points in the previous month. The natural gas imported 6▲■•◆.82 million tons•▷, which increased by 34△•.2% year-on-year. This also means Natural gas imports have maintained more than 30% of high-speed growth for 7 months. “China is now the worlds largest energy importing country▷▷. China has played an important role in the energy supply market.” Researcher at the National Development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute☆●●…, Energy Experts Zhou Dihang is interviewed by China News Center Praise: •-“Opening of Chinas energ inteligência artificial para a indústria de proteína animal skin gelatin supplier Gelatin capsule, taking charge of proteins from neurodegeneration to industrial biotechnology gelita locations!

The General Office of the State Council forwarded the Securities Regulatory Commission on the implementation of some advice of the issuance of innovation enterprises or deputy visits to the pilot, the province, autonomous region◇▪▷-, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council●■, the direct institutions●★•: the Securities Regulatory Commission Some comments on the pilot pilot pilot issued in innovative enterprises ☆◇=”” The State Council agreed, now forwarded to you, please implement it carefully=•▽○. The General Office of the State Council March 22, 2018 (this disclosure) About the issuance of the issuance of stocks or deposit vouchers in innovation enterprises to further increase the support of the implementation of innovative driving development strategy, according to the market Chemical, legalization principle◆-■, learn from international experience○▼, carry out innovative enterpris◆●■▪?

Original title▷••: Foreign Ministry spokesperson responded on ◁=”Trump announced the issue of trade restrictions on China on March 22, US President Trump signed the presidential memorandum of China s vast products to Chinas product collection●…, which means the United States Lead and initiate a provocation. China immediately launched a counterattack. The Ministry of Commerce issued a list of suspensions for US steel and aluminum products 232 measures on the 23rd, and intended to increase tariffs on some of the United States imported parts. Sino-US trade war is touched, and some people seem to be “no terrorism.◆▼-” According to foreign media reports, Navaro, director of the US White House National Trade Commission▪■☆○, in response to reporters◁☆□-, said that Chinas benefits in the US trade have been much higher than the United States, which means that China will be difficult to make a decision against US In response to Navar, China is difficult to retaliate against the United Stat?