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[gelatin sheet manufacturer]Original title: Russian media: To avoid backward, the “Technical Alliance” reference message network is reported on March 5th, the Russian Free Media website issued the article on March 2○◇▪•, Putin believes that technology will bring national sovereignty. Lose. He said: “The huge challenge requires us to give strong answered answers, we have prepared to answer, we have made truly breakthroughs.◇▪” The article pointed out that the Russian industry is under Western sanctions. How is the technical breakthrough of President Putin? “Basic☆=▷” History Research Foundation President Alexei Apin Golf believes: “The world is so complex…□▪○, so that the technology level of a country or national alliance maintains the frontier position to a certain scale of economic market and A large number of people .▪☆▼▷.. our market is insufficie!

Zhongxin Net Hefei May 28 (Reporter Zhang Qiang) Why is the nucleic acid detection of the nucleic acid? Why is there a new case or asymptomatic infection? In this regard, Wang Wei, deputy mayor of Luan City, Anhui Province, responded to the press conference held in the Office of the New Corpneum Pneumonia Fancy Office in Anhui Province on the 28th. Wang Hao said: “The whole nuclei detection we now refers to the Six, surrounding township•◁, and all residents of the key area, excluding the key population of centralized isolation points◇•▼, sealing management grid units and other places•…. This part of the key crowd testing time, the number▼▷, etc★□☆★.▪◆△, because this part of the crowd is a crowd of the focus of our focus. “Wang Wei introduce?

Original title: Breaky to break the vaccine: 9 months ago•▲▪□, it was punished 5 days ago collagen gelatin○● collagen peptides bovine protein powder protein powder industry! Suspected to believe in the source: Southern Metropolis Daily, after flight inspection, the State Food and Drug Administration recognized Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co.•●★, Ltd▪•▷. in vaccine production record fake situation, the issuance of its certification, investigation; After the Jilin Food and Drug Administration, the administrative punishment of the Jilin Food and Drug Administration took out the “old case•★◆” in 2017. Another vaccine for Changchun Changsheng has also been unqualified, and it is recognized as “inferior medicine”. Although the problem of problem vaccine is still in progress■◆◇, the capital market has long been a soldier=-●. 2 times of deep exchange, 1 condemned book torture issues◆◇●, the vaccine is affected by the companys revenue, questioning the company failed to confuse the company●◇. At the same time▽••, the Changsheng Biosaples have fallen for five consecutive days, and the market value has evaporate passing a drug test with jello!

China News Shanghai May 28 (Reporter Chen Jing) Shanghai Solar Society New Energy System Innovation Technology Special Committee was formally established. The professional organization of Chinas focusing technology innovation for new energy systems is no previous report★=. The special committee is launched by the industry leader – Sunshine new energy▲•…▷, will be under the guidance of the Shanghai Solar Society in the future, focus on the frontier technology of new energy systems◁◇★☆, clearly develop◁◇•▽, technical exchange and policy research◇•, project declaration Wait for the target task-◁, promote the new energy system technology field to form a new breakthrough. Executive Director, Dr. Zhang Yanhu, Vice President of Sunshine New Energy▲●•☆, said that the report was expressed in an interview, exploring the establishment of new ener.Pectin manufacturer.