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[protein industrially produced]Original title: How is the overall cover of monitoring△•◆: The six major categories of staff included the supervision of the Chinese Communist leadership is the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In my country, the partys organ, the peoples Congress, the administrative organ, the government and cooperation, the supervisory organ, the trial organ●◁, the procuratorial organ, etc••☆△. Power must be restricted and supervised▪▷. The formulation of supervision is through legislative way, and the major decision deployment of the Party Central Committee deepens the national monitoring system reform is transformed into the national will, strengthening supervision of all public officials of public power, and realizing the full coverage of national monitoring△…. The supervision law provides various types of public officials who have exercised public powers in my country▲▼, which has strong targeted and operationa.

Original title◁-: Hui Comrade Due to the Xinhua News Agency, Beijing July 6th•△, the tension of the military team, the main party of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, the director of the director of the Military Commission, the director of the Office of the Military Commission, is invalid because the medical treatment is invalid•▼☆-, on June 20th in Beijing Due to the age of 98. Hu Wei, formerly known as Hu Shoude, Henan Xin Cai-=, in 1937, he participated in the Youth Peoples Anti-Japil Military Group, joined the Chinese Communist Party in February 1938. During the War of Resistance Japanese War, he has served as a warrior, officer☆■◁◁, political instructor, organizational shareholder○○, political instructor◁▲, director of the Political Department•■○, a group political committee☆•, and the county queue◇▽-, the commander and political committee○☆△, etc◇○=.○▼◁■, have participated in the peace, anti- “sweeping”, etc. Battle fight◆•□-. During the War of Liberation, he has served as a group political committee, director of the Department of Political, and the teacher…-□, etc., have participated in the Chaoyang Set△△□, North North, Baita, Meng Liangzhe★▷■▼.

Spring back to the earth, the good time of all things★▼•, General Secretary Xi Jinping has the first visit to Chinas relationship between China■△◇, and maintains the Korean Peninsula and Flat Stability to make a frank and friendly and friendly talks, and proposes four important claims from the strategic height. This time, a major historical meeting, is a vivid portrayal of the traditional friendly and cooperative relationship between China and Dynasties in the new era. It is necessary to adhere to the key effectiveness of Chinese programs to solve the Chinese program by dialogue△★▽. Promote traditional friendship in China to develop a new level during the new historical period-•=, injecting key warmth to the situation in the Korean Peninsula•◆, and has a historical impact on promoting regional and world peace and stability◇△-. The Chinese party and the government attach great importance to the friendly cooperative relationship between China and Chao, and General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed that he must insist on wa.

Original title▷◇●: Dynasty and Korea discrete family reunion activities today restart Land=▲◇•: China I am happy to “public” public account (xws4_fmprc) news▪★, on August 20th, the Foreign Ministry, the reporter will ask: According to reports The three-day Korean Dynasty discrete family reunion activity began today in Korea Jinzhan Mountain. What is Chinas comment? Lu Hong: We have noticed that the discrete family reunion of the Korean and Korean will be happy again for more than 2 years=•. Dynasty is the same nation, blood is full of water. Both the peninsula North and South actively implemented the parties of the leaders of the two parties and the spirit of “Directory Declaration◁-▷”●☆☆, sustained to promote reconciliation and cooperation, helping the two sides to consolidate trust, improve relationships, helping to play a positive role in continuing and consolidating the temptation of the peninsula▽▲□. Chine?

Original title◇△•…: Funding deputy director son to study in the United States▲▪☆◁? This kind of charity is now□★••, what is going on today△○▲, netizen @ 也 天 天 has issued two Lushan Ming Holy Palaces charity, and said: ◁◁▪”The real information is open□☆▪”, which triggered the hot discussion of netizens. The charity donation has always been a public that is very concerned about the public. The Ming Sheng Palace can make your own charity accounts◁-, and the practice is worth praise. Just … This “honest” is too ▲…”honest” •△◇.★☆.. Jisher who gave the deputy director sponsored that the US study abroad was written◇□: 2013 charity record shows that the charity merit will give the Xian Religious Bureau▷▼★□. Deputy Director Li Socis son funded 20,000 ▼=▼”leisurely miscellaneous fees”•□. whats going on? Is this screenshot true? Observer network que?Pectin manufacturer!

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