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[fish gelatin kosher]Original title☆=□: Ma Guoqiang▼…▷, deputy secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee (Figure Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Network Wuhan March 26 Comprehensive report According to Hubei Daily WeChat public number, recent••■•, CCP approved Comrade Ma Guorong Ren Hubei Provincial Committee▽▲, the Standing Committee, Deputy Secretary. According to the China Economic Network Local Party and Government Leading Peoples Library, Ma Guoqiang, born in November 1963, once served as Chairman of Wushu Group□★, 2016, Baosteel Weschie and Steel Merge to establish China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd▷▼▪. secretary▲◁□. Ma Guoqiang resume Ma Guoqiang▽▽◆•, male, Hui nationality, Hebei Dingzhou, born in November 1963, graduated from Beijing Iron and Steel College in 1984 to obtain graduate degree△●, masters degree•■▷•. Have a good j.

China Xinwang Shijiazhuang May 26 (Li Wei Zhao Dan Mei) Lu Zhuqing◁◆▲□, deputy director, deputy director◁☆, said in 2020, is 55.69, and since 2006, it is the first time since 2006. Evaluation is good○…◁. On the 26th○▪•△, the Peoples Government of Hebei Province held a press conference to release the “2020 Hebei Ecological Environment Status” (referred to as “BM I)). According to Lu Zhuqing, 2020△☆, Hebei ecological environmental status index was 55.69. The regional evaluation results in the province are mainly distributed along the Taihang Mountain along the line and Yanshan☆▪■, which is the most concentrated in Chengde region, and forest coverage rates in these area◁▼★?

China Xinwang, May 27th (Huang Qin), the Minister of the Communist Party of China, Song Tao, attended the China Niwen Party, a total of anti-epidemic video exchange meeting and Zhongba Division, celebrated the 7th Anniversary of the Two countries and Two Parties The 10th anniversary of the online event, Trimier, Chairman, Nepal△▷□☆, Timier○…=, Ni (United), General Secretary, Vice Premier Bokriel, Chairman of Ni (Mao Center), the former government Prime Minister Pula Changda, etc=•○. Leaders and Vice Chairman of the Pakistan Justice Party, Foreign Minister Culei-▷△•, etc., enhanced party intervals, deepening the trial of government and government experience, and strengthening anti-vlorative cooperation. At the main political parties in China, the Song Tao Tab?

Zhongxin Net Nanning May 28 (Huang Qiu Yan Yang Qiang) “I am a professional college graduate★□, mainly engaged in large extrusion mold manufacturing☆▪◆. For more than ten years◇□, I have continuously innovated in technical positions●●, and become the technical backbone of the enterprise-•☆▽. Have a national skills master studio named after his name●△. Our mold has broken abroad monopoly, enhanced the market competitiveness of the company. Our studio has passed the project research, accumulating the companys savings more than 5 million yuan (RMB) “Guangxi South China Aluminum Processing Co.=▼, Ltd◆…. Tell reporters on the 28th. ◁●▪”The Guangxi Artsis Sites of Striving New Era” held in Nanning on the day of the news conference, Qi Lin and the limited publicity of Guangxi Yuchai Machine Co▪•.…◁△▽, Lt◆◁?