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[pig skin gelatin]Original title: Hebei Spring Festival corrects the four-wind transcript: 368 questions, dealing with 449 people before and after the Spring Festival, the discipline inspection and monitoring organs at all levels in Hebei Province have conducted in-depth development of “four winds” work, and the examination discovery violations of the central provisions of the central provision and ☆◆-“four=☆” The wind “problem clues◁●◆◇, 788, investigated 368 questions•=…=, deal with 449 people, and gave 409 parties to party discipline, add 245 pieces, 148 pieces, 163, 196◆▪◆, respectively•▲▪. On February 2●☆□★, the Hebei Provincial Supervision Committee was officially listed. On February 14th, the county supervision committee all listed○☆. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at Hebei Province took the opportunity to supervise the system reform, tightened the Spring Festival nodes in-depth supervision and inspection, and transformed the system advantage into governance performance. ▲▲◇◆”All Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office give full play to cadres and inspections of the original discipline committ□▪▪.

The original title is cheap and selling? German media suggestion EU ganglong: Lianmei anti-[observer network comprehensive report] After the US announced the temporary exemption of steel aluminum tariffs on the EU, the German media tasted the sweetness of the sweetness “changed face” and turned the spear head from the United States. The EU calls on the EU should join hands with the United States to jointly fight against “Chinas unfair trade”. On the 22nd, the -★☆”Frankfurt Report” published an article entitled ★▪•-“European and Washington side■◇▼”, claiming that Trumps trade protectionism threatens global trade▷▷, but Europe must avoid intensive trade disputes with the United States…○, should be united in Western countries , Require China to provide “peer treatment”. “Frankfurt Report” reports screenshots The great achievements of China “spend 30 years to get 800 million people to get rid of poverty.

Original title: Single Xiang: The Forbidden City, the main opening of the country, three years of official opening of the country: Chinas voice “News★•△” report: Single Xiang is in an interview with China Voice report, the main Palace Museum The site selection and design of the new museum have been basically completed, and it is expected to be officially started in the year=☆, and it will be officially opened after three years-▼, which will be the best blending of technology and culture. It is understood that the new museum has been approved in front of the north of Haidian District, Beijing, and has more than 100,000 square meters■-. From the ▲■□”high-top” forbidden city▷•, to the ▪○△”explosive model○◁▽□” manufacturers high-rise Palace Museum in the past few years, ▽…”Wenchuang products have more than one year sales,” the Forbidden City has been attaind attention△▪□. During the Boao Forum for Asia 2018, Yangguang reporter Han Me.