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[pig collagen]Xinhua News Agency☆▷, Dalian, on August 21○•▼, the Vice Premier Hu Chunhua-•, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua in Dalian and Russia and the President of the Field of the Federal Region of the Futing, and the Russian and Russian Far East and Baikal District Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee. Second meeting▽■. Hu Chunhua said that strengthening cooperation in Northeast China and Russian Far East and Baikal, is an important consensus reached by President Xi Jinping and President Putin to help enrich the connotation of China and Russias comprehensive strategic partnership. Since the first meeting of the Committee…★◁○, the relevant departments and local activities of the two countries have actively implemented the results of the meeting and promote cooperation. The main task of this meeting is to implement the important consensus of the two states◁■, promote the problem of solving the existing problems, expand the breadth and depth of cooperation○•▷☆, and achieve more pragmatic results●=△•. Trudagu★=★◆.

Original title☆○: Qinghai Lake is called to carry out sightseeing tour and photography in the nature reserve•▼★, China New Network Qinghai Gate on August 4th, 4th, Qinghai Lake Scenic Spot Protection Management Bureau issued a notice to stop in Qinghai Lake National Sightseeing, tourism and photography activities are carried out in nature reserves★▲. As the largest inland lake in China, Qinghai Lake is not only an important water body in the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, but also the natural barrier in the east of the western desertification▲▽, is also the intersection of Central Asia, East Asia two migratory migration routes▼-, Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Listed a national 5A tourist attraction in 2011. According to the notices, individuals and vast driving tourists use the herds to enter the core area of ​​the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve, the buffer◁-, and the facilities such as discouragement, destroying the fence, identification card will be stric!

Original title: “There is no less than the peoples livelihood of the people. According to the introduction, the Central Committee of the Communist Party attached great importance to the drafting of the “Government Work Report”=◁▲. At the beginning of the report, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important indication in the relevant conference, and he had presided over the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau▼◁•, the central government. The Political Bureau meeting discussed the “Government Work Report▷☆◇◇” draft○△, and made guidance on further revision and improvement••▽□. Li Keqiang personally presided over the report, “Li Keqiang repeatedly discussed with the drafting group, and personally revised•◆, many important points of view, including some languages, the prime minister▽=•=,○◁■”◁-▷◇. ▷▷◇▲” throu.

The original title two sessions Hainan Environmental Protection Hall responded to “people full of people”=◁▷: Hainan tourists are not much more sources☆◆: Chinas voice is reported by Chinas voice news; mentioning Hainan=▲◇○, will think of Bihai blue sky□●, coconut forest white sand…•, but, In recent years•■, there is a congestion of tourists in the past few years, and there is a negative news of illegal refill, which makes people discounted the impression of Hainan. At the end of last year☆△•, the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Team feedback on the environmental inspections of each province■○○, which has been severely criticized for Hainan Province. The leader of the Environmental Protection Insugation Group is not politely■▽…, Hainan Province is “drumping the money bag=■★-, ruined the ecology”. More than two months▪▷•-, yesterday (3rd), the National Peoples Congress representative★★•, the Hainan Ecological Environmental Protection Department Dumang Dun Xiao Gang made an exclusive response to China, how is Hainan environment rectification situation? How will it ◇★.

The Air Heavy Pollution Emergency Command released air heavy pollution orange warning▼▼▪: 0○◁●:100 March 14th, 2018 24-□▼◆:24 oclock in the country II emission standard light gasoline car, construction waste, slag, sand transport vehicle It is forbidden to drive, stop the construction operations such as earth and stone◆△…, and the companys stop is limited to production, and the fireworks and firecrackers and open-air barbecues are prohibited•▽. It is recommended that primary and secondary school kindergartens stop outdoor activities•◆◆•, and the public will ask the public to do health protection. Editor in charge: Zhang Y★•■? protein bar industry report protein generator industrial foregoing Contacts.

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