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[most important protein supplement animal industry]China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Guo Chaokai) China State Council held a policy routine blowing. The Court of Justice, the deputy director of the Ministry of Justice■★▪▽, said in the meeting, by 2025, the notarized development environment is more optimized, “cross the provinces▪☆■★” and “full network” notarization matters have increased significantly▽▼◁☆, and the public and private enterprises convenience system is more perfect. Slow problem. In order to further improve the system…▪▷, improve the mechanism, optimize the notarized service, better profit-owned enterprises, the Ministry of Justice will draft the “Opinions on Optimizing the Optimized Notarization Service” on the basis of adequate investigation and listening to all opinions▪○▷. (Hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”). May 19●◁△-, the State Council executive meeti.

Original title: Xu Jianwen, deputy director of Qingyuan, was investigated, and the Guangdong Provincial Supervision Committee announced that the first subject of the Chief Officer report was informed from the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection▪●◆, which was informed of the Supervision Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Commission. Xu Jianwen◁▼▪, deputy director of the Committee△☆△…, is suspected of serious violations and is currently being accepted for disciplinary review and monitoring. Xu Jianwen was the first subject-in-one-grade cadre published after the Guangdong Provincial Supervision Committee. Xu Jianwen resume Xu Jianwen◆△, male, Han nationality, born in September 1962■•, June 1992 joined the Chinese Communist Party•○-, Party School University★•●, Guangdong Freshman. In October 1978◇★△, he served as Qingyuan County Teacher◁•, Cadres, Deputy Mayor, and President. From May 1998, he served as the Standing Committee of Qingcheng District Committee••◆, the Chief Committee of the Qingyuan City, China; 20!

Original title: Taizhong University Sun Yat-sen is like or removed by alumni: Taking this as a campus landmark of Zhongshan University, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue■▪▼. (Source: Taiwan ▷★”United Daily●○◁”) Overseas Network April 16th●▷▪, after the “single” forces in the island, the news of Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek bronze statues in the island were removed. Today (16th)-▼▷▲, the Taiwan Zhongshan University launched the “referendum” of the whole school, and vote by the faculty and school students to stay in Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek. In this regard, there is a Taiwan Zhongshan University alumni who has been excluded. “If Sun Yat-sens bronze statue is removed, I am ashamed of the Zhongshan University of Taiwan.” According to Taiwans “United Daily” report◆■-, the voting content is single-choice for Sun Yat-sen Chiang Kai-shek, the option includes stayin.

Original title: The party committee of Shanxi Luqiao Group is based on the accountability process according to law-=. From strictness of the seriousness and investigation of relevant personnel, the CCTV Finance “economy is■■” black protection “,” “” “” “” The exposure is located in Shanxi 3D environmental pollution incident in Hongdong County◇■▲▼, Linyi City, Shanxi Province●◆■=. That night, Shanxi Luqiao Group held an emergency meeting. In the first time, the emergency disposal plan was started•…☆◇, and the working group was established, and rushed to the scene to carry out disposal. With the in-depth investigation of related issues◁◁▲•, the party committee of Shanxi Luqiao Group was launched according to law, and the five personnel were administered to 5 people in accordance with the law and discipline of violations of law and discipline▽○◁=. After decision of the party committee of Shanxi Road Bridge Group…=, he left the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Sanwi Huabang Group Co▲■•., Ltd.…◆=, and the vice chairman (presiding a comprehensive work) of Li Jianxu●…-▼.

Source★=…◁: Legal Evening Repair Original Title: Shanglun Student Representative: It is recommended that domestication species is not identified as the Wildlife Legal Evening News (Reporter Zhang Rui) as the president of the Gansu Provincial Lawyers Association, Shanglun lived this time as the National Peoples Congress, I proposed my own suggestion – amended judicial explanation (Act [2000] No◁☆. 37), canceled the “domesticated and breeding of the above species” in the original identification of “precious and endangered wild animals”□•. This is because•…▼, in his key focus, whether the artificial domesticated and breeding species belong to the “precious, endangered wild animal” in the Criminal Law, and currently has controversial in judicial practice. ☆●”Artificial domestication” and …■”wild” are not equivalent to two years ago, Shanglun has begun to pay attention to wildlife protection. Attontime, there is a lawyer agent in Southern Gans beef gelatin powder halal fish gelatin capsule from bovine hide collagen peptides ambar protein industries ltd!Pectin manufacturer.