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[protein industries supercluster]Original title○▽▲△: Zhongsa Jian is “Jin Yuan Diplomacy▽△◆”? Lu Hong: Hope Some people in the island should not understand any problems as the problem of the “Foreign Ministry Spokesmans Office-◇” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) news, on August 21st◁=◇, the Foreign Ministry-▼▽, the reporter meeting△=◁, there are reporters asked: Taiwan The aspect is considered to establish diplomatic relations with Salvador and “Golden Yuan Diplomacy” in mainland China. What is the response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Lu Hong: I believe that you have already paid attention to the details of Wang Yi State Committee and Foreign Minister and the Foreign Minister of Casta Negota▷★. China and Salvador established diplomatic relations are political decisions, which is by no means a so-called “transaction chip■◇●” that some people in Taiwan. The Salvador government decided to establish diplomatic relations with China□◁, which is a political decision for a political decision for a Chinese principl•▪☆?

Original title: The National Cultural Relics Bureau responded to the Xi Zhou bronze “Tiger▷=△” will be auctioned in the UK: 28th…■☆, a ◁◁”Western Zhou Bronter Tiger…•” will be auctioned in the UK. •□■△” The National Cultural Relics Bureau official Weibo @ 中文 博 博 今 todays response today☆▼▽. Weibo said that the State Cultural Relics Bureau is understanding the relevant situation of verification●■△. Weibo also said that the National Cultural Relics Bureau has always opposed the behavior of trading illegal loss cultural relics, hoping that relevant institutions should comply with the spirit of the relevant international conventions, respect the cultural relics of the people of the cultural relics, do not buy or sell illegally lost cultural relics, not named Commercial hype. (Reporter Song Yuyu) Responsible Editor▼■▲☆: Guiqia★▼.

Original title▷=…▽: How high is the “meeting” of the International Organization of the United Nations? Last year, my countrys payment of 1◁★▼.6 billion yuan in Beijing News (Reporter Dai Xuan) With the strength of national strength, more and more important international organizations can see Chinas figure. Today (July 20), the central department of 2017 is open to society▼…. According to the information disclosed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a total of 16387▪◆.2 million yuan last year, and the implementation rate is 83.6%. Last year◇○☆…, the department pays a contribution fee to 31 international organizations including the United Nations○=◆, Shanghai Cooperation Organization…▼, and complete the output indicators. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the completion of this project showed that my country s active responsibility for the international responsibility and obligations, enhanced our discourse and shadows in my countrys related international organization?