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[gelatinous capsules containing animals]Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative suggested that the private car annual inspection below seven With the rapid growth of the number of private cars, in recent years-◆▽▼, the trial is difficult to become a problem in China■◁▲, and the masses have reflected strong-▷. The National Peoples Congress representative★▼▽□, Guizhou Mayor Chen Xunhua believes that the motor vehicle will only flow into the market after a strict factory inspection●▲, including the safety performance of the car■=, etc., has made strict testing. Most private car owners will consider the safety of their own and family and friends-☆▼▽, not only do car maintenance, and slightly problem, they will repair themselves, will not wait until the annual inspection, they will pay for these safety hazards, so the annual inspection system for private cars It is not a significant meaning. Chen Xunhua believes that there are some problems with private car annual inspection: First★□◁▷, the test process takes place. The original intention of the annual inspection is to ensure the vehic□●☆-.

Original title: The Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the CPC Central Committee issued the “Opinions on Improve Technical Workers…▪▼◇” Xinhua News Agency Beijing, China Recently, the Office of the CPC Central Committee▼▼…△, the Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Improve Technical Workers”, And issued a notice, requiring various departments in all regions to participate in practical implementation. The full text of ★■▽”Opinions on Improve Technical Workers” is as follows. In order to implement the “New Period Industrial Workers Team Construction Reform Program”, the inchogeneous skills orientation of the innovative skills•◇, further encourage hard work☆●•▪, honest labor△…, creative labor, enhance production service first-line position on workers attraction●▼, construction knowledge, skill type, innovation Type worker army, create a professional social style and excellence of excellence, now improve the treatment of technical workers such !

New crown virus vaccine first needle is no longer vaccinated after June 9? false china pharmaceutical gelatin gelatinous sweets●□▪ alternative proteins industry animal protein producers industry! Guangzhou Daily News (full media reporter Wu Wei correspondent Sui Weijian Xuan), Guangzhou citizens vaccinated the willingness of new crown virus vaccine continued to rise, multiple inoculation points on the spot…☆▼, long-range dragons◇□△, many statements on vaccination are also online spread. Yesterday■▼◇▼, the Guangzhou Health and Health Committee clarified in the relevant statement and said that the current new crown virus vaccine is stable and can meet the needs of near future. The general public does not need to panic, please make an appointment△★◇▼, reasonably arrange time, error-inoculation▼★▷, and make personal protection. For the Internet, “June 9 will stop inoculate the first new cro.

China News Agency, May 28th: ​​Baiyangdians last geese team veterans◇■: “Still▲•◆”▷▲◇-, ▷◆”The future of the city” China News News Corporation Cui Tao “I am the last player of the geese team. I hope to see the Xiongan New District built after the birth year. ■▲△”Sitting in the home of the Zhannan Village▼▪, Anxin County•▷•▷, Xiongan New District, Hebei Province, and the 95-year-old original geese team member Lu Changlu interviewed interviews, His wish. In the period of war in the anti-Japanese War•☆…☆, in the Yushu Xiongan New District, the Hebei Xiongan New District▷◁★, there was a water guerrilla called “stunding the soldiers”. From 1939 to 1945, cooperated with the main force liberation Anxin County☆□, Yan●■○-.

Original title: The Ministry of Commerce responds to the United States to sign the heavy steel aluminum tariff order: Resolutely oppose the official website of the China Ministry of Commerce, the Director Wang Hejun, the Director of the Ministry of Commerce, to make a conversation on the import of steel and aluminum products. Washington Time March 8•○▲▽, 2018=■◇☆, US President Turkong signs an order●•■▼, and believes that imported steel and aluminum products threaten US national security••▪☆, decided to pay comprehensive tax on imported steel and aluminum products, 25% and 10%, respectively★-. Temporarily eliminate products in Canada and Mexico. Wang Hejun, Director of the Ministry of Commerce Trade and Relief, delivered a conversation. Wang Hejun pointed out that US measures were named national security, trade protection. Actual situation is that most of the imported steel and aluminum products in the United States belong to civilian products, and it will not harm the American national securit.Gelatin capsule,