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Pure collagen industrial uses of proteins,[industrial fractionation of main whey proteins]Original title: How to “prepare for war” in China and the United States? On March 23, President Trump signed a memorandum. According to the preliminary results of the special 301 survey initiated in 2017-▷◆, it was identified that Chinas intellectual property and commercial secrets had a stealing act●□□, and it was proposed to collect up to about $ 60 billion in goods. % Import tariffs. Specific measures will be concluded by the US Trade Representative Office in two weeks. After 7 hours•◁, the China Ministry of Commerce immediately introduced specific response to a higher tariff of approximately 15% or 25% of US imported agricultural products…●○, to this○▷▼, China-US trade friction upgrade. China-US trade war may also be touched. What is Trump step? China-US trade friction has gradually upgraded in the past year, early 20.

Original title: Lanzhou Public Security implements the six foreign people released in the prostitute, according to the (Gansu) Provincial Public Security Department Exit Administration Bureau, Lanzhou Public Security Bureau Exit Administration Department will be with Gansu Provincial Prison Administration Six foreign people released from Beijing and Yunnan, respectively, from Beijing and Yunnan. It is reported that the above six foreign people violate the ◇●◆△”Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China”▷=■=, which are preserved in prison, and after the release of the sentence, according to the relevant provisions, the city bureau is jointly expelled. This article comes from the “Lanzhou Public Security◆○◇” WeChat public number to successfully complete these expelant tasks, the Municipal Bureau Entry and Exit Management Office specializes in experienced civilian police and prison administration to formulate detailed expelted exit and implementation Entry and ex china bakers gelatin!

Original title◆◇▼▪: During the Qingming period, the Beijing-Tibet Expressway will shocked the secondary road Xinyang News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) March 31 to April 8th■★★▲, this year, this year, the Qingming Festival sweeps the peak day. The reporter learned from the city transportation department yesterday that it was free from the high speed ( From April 5th to 7th) and the peak peak of outing, the peak of the peak of the peak is 8…■▲◇:00 to 11, and the surroundings around the cemetery are prone to congestion▪•◇. The Municipal Traffic Management Bureau said that the peripheral roads in some cemetery will take temporary traffic control, and the public can choose to wind according to the prompt information. According to the Municipal Transportation Committee forecast■•★▲, during the “Qingming” period this year-◁★•, the annual traffic volume of the toll road in the city will break through the highest value of the holiday history (253.32 million) in the May Day holiday (253.32 million), reaching 25.5 million, compared with the same period last year (23.877 million) The increase is about 7%○☆. Single day traffic summit is expected to crea. unflavored gelatin powder price protein drink industry report