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[100 pure peptide collagen porcine]Original title: The worlds first extension version =•”Revival” is currently undergoing Tests New Beijing News (Reporter Guo Chao) Reporter Today (March 9) learned from the Tangshan Company of my country, 350 kilometers long groups developed by China Revival No△▼. ▷□…”China Standard EMU has begun to test•-▽…, the long-editing group” Revival “train consists of 16 cars★▪•■, and is currently the same running speed in the world, the longest group trains☆=▽. It is understood that this number of EMUs named CR400BF-A-3024 is under testing of the Iron Institute of Iron Institutes in the eastern suburbs of Beijing▽△. The train type test is to verify that the truck can meet the requirements of the relevant technical specifications, that is, the delegation inspection agency conducts “exam◆…△” for this new car•◁▲, see if the technical conditions and working conditions of the car are complian!

Original title: The PLA fighters wrapped around China Taiwan United States and jumped out “opposition▽■▽” The F-16A fighter and the PLA bombardment of the Liberation Army-6K photo. (Source: Taime media) Overseas Network May 13th Air Force spokesperson released news, Air Force organized eastern, southern theater air force collaborative action, dispatched bomber, and the reconnaissance machine wrapped around Fei Taiwan cruise. The Su-35 fighter fleafully and the Bombing-6k fighter formation fly over the bus strait and realized a new breakthrough in the island cruise model. Instead of accident, the United States jumped out to “oppose”▪-▪□. According to Taiwans •☆”Mid Electronic News” 12th, the US State Department spokesman is called, “the United States opposes any one-piece surface to change the status quo, including force or other form of stress means.” The spokesperson also said◁=▷, ◆◁”both sides of the strait, stab.

Original title: Xinhua News Agencys right to broadcast ●▲○”Government Work Report” ↑ On 5, Li Keqiang made a “government work report” on behalf of the State Council at the 13th National Peoples Congress. Xinhua News Agency▷=▼○, Yao Dawei, Xinhua News Agency▲◁, Beijing, March 22 On March 20th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress has passed the resolution on the governments work report and approved this report. The report is divided into three parts: First, the past five years of work review; Second, 2018, the overall requirements and policy orientation of economic and social development; three•☆, the recommendations of the 2018 government work. The report pointed out that the main expected goal of 2018 is…■□=: domestic studen.

Original title: Firmly establishing the correct selection of people to guide Xi Jinping stressed in the 19th National Congress of the Party, to adhere to the correct selection of peoples orientation, and the choice of people use people, this is a targeted, guiding▼▷▽. Using peoples orientation is the most important orientation…▲◆, the unhealthy trend of people is the most harmful to political ecology…=◁. Sun Zhengcai■▲▲, Bo Xilai came to the use of people to violate the partys principles, big engaged in crowd lines, anything to do, seriously defeat eating people, severely damaging the enthusiasm○△★. Comprehensively and completely clear the influence of Sun Zhengcai and Bo Xilai•□, Wang Lijuns viral, the heavy weight is in accordance with central requirements and municipal committees=…-, insist on breaking up and lifting, specimens, and resolutely control the correct selection of people to guide the tree, put the use of righteousness The wind is getting up, and the good atmosphere of the business entrepreneurship is treated◁■. Last year-■…. fish collagen peptide supplements protein bar industry revenue Contacts hydrolyzed collagen powder jello wholesale,