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[collagen powder sachets]Original title: The first active retired Ministry of Defense News spokesperson is now going to be a teacher=△! ▪★☆”The aircraft carrier is not otaku◇▽, it is impossible to always be in the military port◆△▽▷.” Remember this “Golden Schola” of “National Defense Day”? This sentence comes from the National Defense Regulations for the April 2013△▼. At the meeting▪□••, there were reporters asked the situation of Chinas aircraft carrier far-sea training: ▷▼☆”There is report that Liaoning ship will choose the machine, and foreign media speculation may be trained in the sea area of ​​Diaoyu Islands or Okinawa, can you confirm this news▲▷▲•? “At the time▼▼◇, the spokesperson gave an unexpected answer:” As for the next step in the aircraft carrier, there is an old saying in China=▲==, Haikong, the sky is high○•▷, the aircraft carrier is not otaku. It is impossible to always pend it in the military port=▷◁□, ☆★▷.

Original title■▷▼: Beijing concentratedly destroyed more than 60☆■★,000 boxes of unqualified drugs▲△…☆, 1,000 bottles of fake wine and other fake wine, put the boxed fake medicine from the truck, ready to destroy. The Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing took the scene of fake wine▼■▼▽, some trademarks fell◆▷. The Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing takes staff to throw the fake goods into the destroyed pool•…○. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing takes the staff to destroy the fake wine in the scene. Beijing News Reporter Wang Jianing takes the Beijing News News (Reporter Zuo Yan Yan Dai Xuan) “3 • 15” International Consumer Rights Day is coming. The Beijing Public Security Bureau Eating Pharmacy Brigade will also focus on the citys food and drug inspection team△◆, and the seized counterfeit food drugs will be concentrated▷-▪, including more than 60,000 boxes-▽▼▷, and inspect unqualified drugs, and more than 1•★◇,000 bottles pretending. Maotai, five grai.

China New Network Beijing May 28th (Guo Chaokai) In the United States, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in the routine reporter on the 28th that the relevant bills competed, and the so-called China threat and malicious effects were rendered. , Dont have to be heart, this is also the general wishes of the two countries and the people of the people in China and the United States◆□; China is resolutely opposed○▽●. According to reports, the US Senate has recently been in favor of 68 votes▷▪, and ending the results of “2021 US Innovation and Competition Act” (U.innovation and Competition Act Of 2021) to promote the la.

Original title: India…▲-▼: India is adjusting to Chinas policies and China “re-return to good” overseas network March 15th China Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during the two conferences, ●★=”Zhong Yinshi Dragon II dance, not Dragon As a battle; China Print 1 + 1 is not only equal to 2, more equal to 11 ○◁▷”, causing the attention of many Indian media, and some Indian netizens also●-” beat ▷□▽”India authorities,” Indian Prime Minister Moti and Foreign Minister Swaragi should pursue a grease▽▼. ” India, India in the past, in the past, in the past period, in a conscious, to adjust and the relationship between China. After the tension of one year, the Indian government is adjusting its policies in China. According to the ◆◇▲”Stan Times” on the 15th, Wang Yi talked about the second day, 9th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, India☆□•●, India, in Wang Y gelatin sepharose Pectin manufacturer fish collagen powder protein engineering applications in industrial biotechnology,!

Original title□-□: Chen Xiaolu=▽★-, who has promoted the establishment of reform and opening up and basic lines (Chen Yi Yuan Shui, died on February 28, 2018▼•◁▽, enjoying the age of 71) Xu Qingquan / the people know that Chen Xiaolu is the son of the King Kong Marshal Chen Yi, in Chen Jia Old three. In the 1980s, he served as a foreign military official, and the deputy secretary-general of the Beijing International Strategic Problem, which is an official thinking tank mechanism. In 1986□•▼, the central government has established a smart organization in the CPC Central Political System Reform. Although the group is small, the status is high. The group surveys a variety of talents◇…▼, Xiaob added it▪=◆●. In October 1987, he served as Director of the Social Reform Bureau of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee•◁, but it was still a military identity□▲•. With the Central Political System Reform Research Office=◆•, th uso industrial de las proteinas!