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Gelatin capsule,[chemical structure of gelatin]Original title: Time Location focus not brilliant gelatin manufacturer! The city of Anhui, has an indicator to rush to the National November 1st-…, and the Anhui Provincial Environmental Protection Department is talking about the Cangzhou Municipal Government of the Invasive Pollution Prevention and Control. The citys 2017 atmospheric pollution prevention and treatment is unqualified; PM2▼★.5 maximum small concentration is 1089 micrograms / cubic meters during this years holiday period▽=▼, ranking first in the country▪•. In 2016△-■, there were four prefecture-level cities in Anhui Province. In 2017, there was a heavy pollution weather in three prefecture-level cities in the province. In 2018, there were only two days of heavy pollution weather in Zhangzhou, respectively, and the New Years Day and the beginning of the year. According to the Provincial Environmental Protection Department=☆■, the air quality situation in Cangzhou City is very serious◇▼■. The 2017 special assessment results show that the first phase of the Guangzhou Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan is unqualifie!

Original title: Bloomberg is expected☆○●: in 150 years, China GDP has once again exceeded the Source of the Eurozone□▪●: Observer Network [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] What is the concept of Chinas economic growth will reach 6.5%? Bloomberg has given an answer today (March 7). On the afternoon of the 7th, Bloomberg has released two articles “This year, Chinas economy will exceed the euro zone”★▪, “This is the year of Chinas economy exceeding the euro zone.=◁” The article is expected that Chinas GDP will reach approximately 13.2 trillion US dollars in 2018, more than 19 euro countries ($ 12◇▲■….8 trillion). According to the screenshot, Bloomberg pointed out in the articles●▪, there is a sign that “Asian Century” has arrived, and Chinas economic scale is expected to surpass the entire euro this yea gelatin how is it made gelatin enteric coated empty capsules=☆… peptone for feed!

Original title: China opened two global satellite system satellite total 456 American aerospace adventurers Mask recently claimed to launch about 12,000 low orbit satellites Composed “Starlink) Constellation Communication Network, let WiFi signal The valve cover is around each corner of the world. However□=•, Masks ambition is not only Mask…◁-◁. Although there is no more than 12▪□•,000 people in Mask “Haikou”, my country Aerospace Science and Technology Group and Aerospace Science and Technology Group also proposed a plan to build more than 300 and 156 low-rail communication satellite constellations. The first technical verification star of the two plans is scheduled to launch this year. Aerospace Science and Technology Group …▼-“Hongyun Engineering” animation demonstration (video screenshot) Chinas low-track constellation plan national two sessions open-★. a?

Original title☆…: (Environment) Beijing released 2017 environmental status bulletin air main pollutant average concentration comprehensive drop Xinhua News Agency Beijing May 16th (Reporter Ni Yuanjin) Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau issued -▪○▲”2017 Beijing Environmental Status Publication-◇◇” Through 5 years of governance◆▷▷-, the air quality is continuously improved★★■, and the national “Atmospheric Ten▲▷▪◆” target tasks are completed. In 2017, the sewage treatment rate reached 92%, and the water quality proportion of inferior V was decreased. Soil environmental quality control monitoring point reached 94.6%, the acoustic environmental quality was stable◁◇…●, and the quality of radiation environment was normal▪•, and the ecological environment was in good condition=…. “On the Publication” pointed out that in 2017••, the average annual concentration of major pollutants in Beijing air decreased, and the average concentration value of PM2.5 was 58 micrograms / cubic meters●▽, and.