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Source: Changjiang Daily Post Title▪△•▲: Chen Yixin visited the Central Political and Legal Committee, Secretary-General: Wuhan is the deepest brand in my heart, the reform of Wuhan, strengthening innovation, and imposing strong power into Dawu. The picture shows that the modern big Wuhan reporter under the aerial photography is so long ago, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided that the deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, Chen Han Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Yixin visited a member of the Central Committee◁◆•☆, the Secretary-General. On the 20th, at the municipal leading cadre symposium in Wuhan○▲◆…, Chen Yixin gave a message from the citys cadres, and he would interact with the new era of Chinas characteristic socialist thought banner and consciously practiced “to be as good as the party. “People”▽●=•, continue to take the mission of “being happy for the people…▪★, for the revival of Dawu”, establish a large pattern, maintain a strategic and fixed•☆, continue to carry forward △▼=”dare to be a first■◆, pursu☆▲!

Original title: Outpressed to the Constitution to commit to the people (the headline of the rule of law) Press▼▷•: At the two sessions of the country that have just won, the election national leader and the national staff will have an oath of the Constitution in accordance with the constitutional provisions. This fully demonstrates the firm will and strong determination to adhere to the partys party◁▽, the partys party, the party, the core of Xi Jinping. Oath to the Constitution is not only a solemn ceremony•=, but also an important way to demonstrate the authority of the Constitution. Through the constitutional oath■▪▼▽, it helps to enhance the constitutional concept of national staff△▲, and form a good atmosphere of defending the dignity of the constitution in the whole society. Our reporter interviewed the national staff who participated in the Constitution▪□▼•, witnessing the representatives of the National Peoples Congress of the Constitution and the experts of experts and the masses of experts, and reviewing this milestone in the implementation of my countrys constitutional implementation proces.

Original title: Seoul serious smog Korean media is self-satisfied, “When I complained to China□★▷■,” [Global Times Department of Special Reporter Li Jun Li Mei] 27th, Koreas serious smog enters the fourth day, and the publics life is more affected★☆. Unlike the past, it is different, and more experts have begun to appeal to the government first to clarify the source of pollutants. Seouls haze is very serious▷★…, and the visibility is only several hundred meters. Incheon Airport 8 flights due to smog returning or delays, the airport is under normal operation. At 11 oclock in the morning, Seouls air quality reached the standard of □◆★△”very bad”, and the situation was even worse than in the morning. South Korea National Environmental Sciences, said that the airflow around the peninsula is stagnant, from abroads smog and domestic pollutants cant disperse, it is derived to retention over the peninsula, and the concentration of dust is getting higher and higher-…. Although protein industries canada saskatoon industrial protein purification!

Original title: What is the dust and the? Expert: Beijing today belongs to the small probability of the new Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi Intern Yu Huaun) Following March 25th to 27th☆◆, after the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding area▲●☆, after the mid-to-severe pollution process, starting March 28th began in the early morning of March 28 The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has begun to be affected by dust weather. The dust weather in Beijing will last until 29••. At 6 oclock in Beijing, Beijing began to affected. From 5:00 to 7, the PM10 hour concentration soared from 282 micrograms / cubic meters to close to 2000 micrograms / cubic meters▼◁. At present★□, Beijing has maintained a six-level severe pollution, this is The most severe level in the air quality index. Some experts pointed out that sand dust and the weather will not appear at the same time◇••=. Beijing air is displayed that the citys primary pollutant is P capsules empty gelatin empty gelatin capsules size 0!collagen powder peptides