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[protein powder industry]Yesterday, the young owners of Hangzhou termite broke out yesterday•◁, were discussing an antio last night, Qianjiang Evening News · Hours News Clients received a number of Hangzhou readers, saying that they saw termites□=. Ms. Wang went to the street to the street in the Canal at night○▼•◇. ◇△”The result is one-way to the gate▪…□, there are many small bugs in front of the electronic screen.” Ms◆△•◆. Wang is frightened. “There are still some bugs below the screen. I saw that the worm has wings●•▽☆, listening to people said it is termites. =★”The scene of the insects in the door of the Canal on the streets of the canal lasts for half an hour★…□◆. Then•□…, a household in Hangzhou World Trade Rijing City has also been reported, and termites have appeared in the community-□◇. WHO staff staff sta.

Original title: Yanan public security detection six years ago, the leaders of the Taiwanese poisoning case are apologized to those who have been misunderstort□•: ​​Shaanxi Media Network •=◇◆”Baota Branch Hezhuangping Police Station” WeChat public No. August 7, (Shaanxi) Yanan City Public Security The main leaders of the Bureau and the head of the Baota Branch visited the door, apologize to the Fan who was mistaken in the poisoning case, and expressed condolences. According to reports, from August to December 2012, a series of poisoning cases occurred in Baota District, Yanan City, and 3 people were poisoned. After the incident, the Baota Public Security launched a comprehensive investigation, and was identified by the Psychological test expert of the Ministry of Public Security and determined that the suspect was a certain•▲★□. The procuratorate then filed a public prosecution according to law. After the law was sentenced to a sin of the evidence▲◁-, Fan Moumou was detained for more than 600 days. Recently, in Yanan Ci=○■▽?

Zhongxin Net Guangzhou May 26 (Cai Minyi Ye Jinxin) The Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department issued a news report that on June 1st will start the marriage registration “cross-provincial universal” pilot work, in Guangdong●□•, both parties are non-local The marriage registration of the household registration can apply for a residence certificate and the two parties, ID cards-○, and apply for marriage registration in the residence permit, or choose to handle marriage registration in one partys constant households, and solve long-term go out, study, The people living in life have returned the inconvenience of marriage registration. According to the relevant notice, Liaoning Province★▼▪, Shandong Province, Guangdong Province, Chongqing, Sichuan Province, implemented the mainland residents marriage registration and divor.Pectin manufacturer!

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