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[standard capsule size]Original title■○△: [Square circle] Hui eye knowledge hero, praise “You guard the country, I am guarding you.” The female star Zhang Xinyu announced his marriage news in the personal Weibo on August 5, becoming a glorious Military, he was hot by netizens. Zhang Xin gives her husband He Jie is a counter-terrorist elite from the armed police force. The comment of the comrades is “Lingnan has a tiger, and the enemy will be sought.” In everyones impression, marrying the soldiers is a very courageous thing. Why will Zhang Xinyan choose military people? She gave an answer in Weibo – “There is only one reason: marry him, marry love.” □•☆▽”The people of the soldiers are different, the head of the head is the same●▷, the rainy frost□▽” “Sentence is really, I also have love, I hope that she is” △▲… the quality of the military, is the responsibility, it .

Original title: Vietnam has a statement of South China Sea●◇▷, this time is the Prime Minister of the Vietnamese Government of Indonesia●◆, Shi Chunfu, Chairman●▷☆, Ocean★•▪, Indonesia•▽▪▼, Ocean Co-ordination Minister Lufurt☆▼■-. (Image Source•••: Y Yichang) China Nanhai News Network March 29th According to Y Yedong News reported on the 28th, on the afternoon of March 28th in the government headquarters▲-□, the Vietnamese government Prime Minister Yan Chunfu is visiting Indonesian Ocean Coordination of Indonesia in Vietnam. Luhou Binhal Pan Jietan. When you met, Yan Chunfu said that Vietnam and Indonesia are ASEAN member states▷○, which maintain close cooperation in bilateral relations and even regions. During the period◆☆=, Qi Chunfu reiterated Vietnam in maintaining peace and security in the South China Sea, that is▽△, compliance with international law and resolved disputes through peaceful measures★=▼★. On the same day●◇, Y Y Yedong has reported that the French President Marcro will invite the central governmen!

Original title: The Ministry of Commerce is primarily originally produced in Brazil imported white feather meat chicken products existing dumping China new network June 8 The electricity Ministry of Commerce on the 8th on the official website on the original ruling of the imported white feather meat chicken in Brazil◆★, the announcement The investigation organs have initially identified that there is a dumping in the imported white feather chicken products in Brazil. The domestic white feather meat chicken industry has been substantially damaged, and there is a causal relationship between dumping and substantive damage△◇△■. Ministry of Commerce. (Data Map) Chinas new network reporter Jin Shuos announcement shows that from June 9, 2018-■△, import operators should be determined by the company when they imported Brazils White Brochnium products. The dumping range provides the corresponding margin to the Customs of the Peoples Republic of China◆○■▷. The guarantee is checked by the price of tax prices based on custom chicken gelatin china kosher gelatine!

Original title: Guo Yonghang, Fangli Xu, Liang Weidong is responsible for Zhuhai☆▽, Shantou…◇-•, Dongguan Municipal Party Committee Recently, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee decided: Comrade Guo Yonghang Ren Zhuhai Municipal Committee•▷□, Standing Committee▪○, Secretary▪■▷; Fangluxu Ren Zi Shantou Commission, Standing Committee, Secretary▽●, Chen Liangxian Seriem City Party Committee Secretary▷▷▪•, Standing Committee, Member of Comrade, Ren Dongguan Municipal Party Committee Secretary, and Comrade Lu Yinseng no longer serves as a secretary of the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee◇•☆, Standing Committee, and Committee. Personal resume Guo Yonghang, born in October 1965, Shandong Jiyang people. In July 1989…▼□, he participated in the work•△. In June 1986◆•○◁, he joined the party and academic successful postgraduate (Wuhan University Administration)•☆▲△, Dr. Management•▪. He has served as Director of the Shenzhen Cultural Industry Development Office★●▲▼, deputy secretary general of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Yantian District Committee, Director of the Regional Standing Committee, 20.Gelatin capsule hair collagen gelatin amazon,