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[bulk collagen powder]Original title▼●-: Xian Mayor Shangguan Jiqing Tang “Grab the People” Wars: Grab the talent=▽=, winning the future●=★▲, today…•…◁, more than ten large and medium-sized cities have set off the “grab” war of the introduction of talents, and the preferential policies are dazzling. As Xian, which has just been approved, building a national center city, is particularly eye-catching in this ■▼•◆”talent battle▪…▽”. Why is Xian so big to “grab people”? What is the guarantee of the work in Xian? How to improve in the environment☆□, security? A few days ago, the National Peoples Congress representative, Xian Mayor Shangguan Jiqing accepted an exclusive interview with the legal evening newspapers, view journalists, and introduced the basic advantages of the citys central cities in Xian. Talking about “grab the people”•▽▼: grab the talent to win the future view•◇: Xian is now open to introduce talents at home and abro•●.

Original title○-●: Taiwan-funded factory ○…”Qingtian Ban Banner” was removed by Vietnam ★□○”to prevent being considered to be misunderstanding, Vietnam allows Taiwan companies to hang the Chinese people.” At the end of last month, Taiwan “Central Society” This discovery is excited to make the island, claiming “This is what cant do before=▲■.” However, this statement of Taixia quickly was “faced□▲△▪”•◇▷▪. BBC Vietnamese channel 3rd reported that Vietnamese official denied that the Taiwan Enterprise is allowed to hang ○◁☆”China Peoples Flag”. At the Queen Enterprise•▽, the banner before the Furniture Factory of Vietnamese, at the routine reporter meeting on the 2nd◁●◇△, there were recent Vietnam Pingyang Province, a Taiwan-funded factory hanging “China Peoples Flag▽◁•”, Vietnam Foreign Ministry spokesman Lis autumn▽○, Vietnam Consistently adhere to a Chinese principle▼◇△▽. After investigation, this approach is the spontaneous behavior of the company△●…☆. Sedu.

Original title●◁□□: Foreign media said that Trump is increasing to China Trade Battle bet: maybe the sesame lost watermelon reference news network March 16 report foreign media said that the White House spokes said on the 14th that the Trump government is China is pressing, requiring China to reduce Chinas US trade surplus (1 US dollar to 6.3 yuan – this net note). This clarifies that the President Trump last week. According to Reuters, on March 14th●△☆, last week, Trump has reported that China has requested that Chinas development plan will reduce US trade imbalance by $ 1 billion◆△…. The spokesperson said that Trumps intention is to say $ 10 billion. White House spokesperson did not explain in detail the Trump government hopes that Chinas goal of cutting surplus – it is enough to increase the purchase of soy or aircraft, et●★△.

China News Agency◆☆○, Macau, May 27 (Reporter Longste) On May 27, the Chief Executive of the Macao SAR Congcheng met with the governments headquarters Wu Jianping▲•, Wu Jianping★-▽, and the two sides exchanged views on topics such as talent training and higher education cooperation. On May 27th, the Chief Executive of the Macao SAR (right) met with the governments headquarters Wu Jianping, Wu Jianping, the General Secretary of the Overseas Chinese University, exchanged views on the promotion of talent training and higher education cooperation. Zhongxin agency★▷, Zhong Xin, Cheng Cheng, said that in order to grasp the national ▪•-“14th Five-Year Plan…•” and the opportunities for the development of Guangdong and Hong Kong…◇☆…, Macao must increase the talent required to cultivate social development and economic moderation•▷•, hoping to cooperate with Huaqiao University. strength.

Original title: Bank staged the deposit war industry◆=△, “is not fierce, but fierce” to raise interest rates▪…•▼, pay gifts▪□, commissionation★◇, time mismatch, recently△•, a large number of banks survived the list of deposits, let the bank “deposit war” again Wave. On April 24th, the Beijing News reporter learned that the current four major rows of 300,000 large amounts are 45% more than the reference interest rate, and the total amount of large amount of total deposits of the joint-stock bank will float 50%. The city business is floating. Reach 55%. However, how big is the increase in larger deposit interest rates for banks “excise storage◇-▼□”? In the view of many banks, large amounts have no absolute advantage over other financial products△◇◇…, and the interest rate is not attractive to customers=◆▽-. In fact◆○••, bank deposits have long lost their attractions▪◇•▲. Deposit between ban▲●.Pure collagen.