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Pure collagen![collagen peptide fish collagen]Xinhua News Agency△▷○, Beijing May 27 (Reporter Zhao Wenjun) The State Council Food Safety Office, the Market Supervision, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Education held a meeting on the 27th★•●◆. The meeting pointed out that campus food safety is an important aspect of food safety▲▷☆■, and the healthy growth of the next generation of the motherland is related to the happiness of hundreds of millions of families, and the social stability◁★=◆. Recently, Anhui-■, Henan continuous campus food safety incidents, exposed the schools food safety work, is not strict, the management responsibility of the local area has not been implemented, and the supervision department has failed to perform▲△•=, and must be highly valued-■▼-. Meeting requirements, all over the food safety office a.

Chinas first winter Olympics champion Yang Yang: Do not choose ●●”Safety Brand□☆▪■” to believe that the Beijing Winter Olympics you believe is less than 9 months, “Snow and Ice Project Tests have been held, and all preparations are continuously promoted.△◇” Yang Yang, chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, recently revealed that China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Net reporter interview, under the global epidemic challenge△○☆○, the preparations for Beijing Winter Olympics is recognized and supported by the International Olympic Committee, ▲▪”International Sports The big family is very expected, I hope that through the success of the event, it will encourage more people to cross the current difficulties. △▷●▪” In Yang Yang, the international communitys confidence in China stems from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and is also based on ice and sno■▲.

The General Office of the State Council on the reform of the National Office of the Administration of the Administration of Geophysical Supply and the Use of Policy▷◆■▷, the Peoples Government of various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government◆▽▪, the Ministry of State Council, the direct institutions: to implement the partys 19th National Spirit and Party The central government, the State Councils work deployment of healthy China, deepening the medical reform, promoting the research and development of imitation drugs=●•, enhances the efficacy of imitation drugs, improves drug supply guarantee capability▷★◁★, and better meets clinical medicines and public health safety needs, and accelerate my countrys pharmaceutical big country The pharmaceutical powers have spanned-◇•…, and the following comments are now proposed by the State Council. 1•◆. Promote the research and development of the imitation drug (I) Develop a drug catalog that encourages the imitation. Establish cross-sectoral drug production and use information sharing mechanism▷=▽, strengthen drug supply guarantees and use information monitorin★….

Original title: Prism Lai Qingde, the world has already seen your “Taiwan independence○◁▼=” performance in the style of the wind▽○, the rudder is speculative☆★•, and Taiwanese Island is afraid that there is no more playing more than the Democratic Party. Since last year, the person in charge of the Taiwan administrative agency has been high-profile with “pragmatic Taiwan independence”, it is a “model”. He recently received his old-hunting, and laid “pragmatic Taiwan independence△▲” and the Ministry of Democratic Party, said “Taiwan is a sovereign independent country, name is the Republic of China, mutual relations with the Peoples Republic of China Not affiliated◇▲▷, Taiwans future is only 23 million people can decide. ” Is this set of freshness◇▽? no way. As early as “Tainan Mayor”–◁, Lai Qingde has frequently referred to “Taiwans future resolution”▼■▪, and the Taiwan administrative body is still the same set of discussio.

Original title: Let the water-saving become the national action on March 22nd▷■, is the twenty-sixth “World Water Day”, the first day of the thirty-first “China Water Week◆=”▷•. The United Nations is determined this years “World Water Day” propaganda theme is “Borrowing Natural Power-•, Guarding Green Mountain”, my country commemorating the “World Water Day” and the publicity theme of “China Water Week▽◁=” activities is “the implementation of national water saving action, Building a water-saving society. Solving Chinas water shortage problems, water saving is fundamental. According to statistics…▷•◇, in 2016, the total annual amount of water in the country was 604 billion cubic meters, and the total amount of water in the domestic product was 25.3%. my countrys zero growth of agricultural water has guaranteed food in the year◁-◇, and the economy of the economy has grown in the economy in the economy△•▪▲. Strictly abide by “red line”▲□▼□, inverted water mode to change water saving, first fr.

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