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[bovine bone collagen peptide powder]Original title☆-•: Wuhan will then promote the new government ▼•□”grab the people”: college graduates rented a specific house can be hitting 20% ​​off the Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei) The second three-tier cities have intensified ◁-“Grab the War” in Wuhan▽■★. Today (March 20), the Beijing News reporter learned from the Wuhan Municipal Housing Security and Housing Authority that local launch of new politics▼◇, the Chinese college students can apply for college rental housing, and the price ensures less than 20% of the market price. The Housing Security and Housing Authority recently released the “Interpretation of the relevant policies of the lease housing in college graduates”••, and the rental housing situation of the college students is guaranteed•☆▪, and the preferential measures will be launched again△◁. The Wuhan Municipal Housing Management Bureau clearly stated that within 3 years, there is Wuhan household registration and family in Wuhan has no self-housing, and the application intention, and submi.

Original title: China launches crude oil futures related to China and the United States? Yesterday■▽•, Shanghai crude oil futures launched by RMB settlement…☆▼, the first day of trading opened the door, the front bidding stage of the main contract is 5.8%□○▲■. ▲ At 9 oclock on March 26●•, China crude oil futures listed in the Shanghai Futures Exchange and priced in RMB. The launch of the Chinese version of crude oil futures, although it is brewing, but this really introduced the general concern of the international community□•=. Even some people connect this matter with Sino-US relations with trade war, think this is the cause of the China-US trade dispute or result▲■. But seeking truth from facts, they think more. The launch of petroleum futures will not affect China-US trade at least in the short term, and will not cause any loss to the United States, and the United States cannot stop China Oil in any purpos?

Original title○◆: The Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security: Resolutely support the decision of deepening the reform of the party and the national institutions□▷, the party committee secretary of the Party Committee of the Party Committee and Minister Zhao Kezhi hosted the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security on the 13th, and then learned in the 13th ▪◇▲”The Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Deepening the Reform of the Party and the National Institutions”, conveyed the study of the State Council institutional reform programs and the spirit of the Central Political and Legal Committee of the Conference of the 13th National Peoples Congress, and the research implementation of opinions. The Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security said, resolutely supports the decision of the Party and the reform of the party and the national institutions, resolutely obey the reform of the party and national institutions, and resolutely completing the reform tasks involving the Ministry of Public Security, and do not want to pay for the Party Central Decision-making deployment. Implementation. The meeting pointed out that the partys ninety-sessio!

Original title: The country clearly stipulates women on March 8th a year, but you still dont know .-★☆.. Womens holiday semi-day■-, from the “National Year and Commemorative Day Holiday Measures”, third provisions, three Eight Womens Day is some of the holidays of some citizens, so Womens Day holiday belongs to ◁●★”legal half-day holiday▪★●△”. The General Office of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security “Letters on some citizens of payment of wages (Labor Hall [2000] No. 18)” stipulate that during some citizen holidays•=, work in the celebration of society or unit organization and work as usual Workers…▼△▽, units should pay salary, but do not pay overtime pay. If the festival is just on Saturday★□◆, Sunday△□△○, the unit arranges work overtime work•▼▪▽, it shall pay the overtime salary of the rest day according to law••▪□. u fish scale collagen peptide korea unflavored gelatin powder price Contacts! jeremy nitta beef gelatin!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced the reporter meeting in this afternoon. On the afternoon of July 5, two cruises containing 133 tourists were tipped in Phuket Coral Island, Madong Island●=●▪, Thailand■-▪, 127 Chinese tourists. As of 12 noon today◁=•, 78 people were rescued in Chinese tourists, 47 people were missing=▷△△, and 2 people were killed■△. Some injured Chinese tourists have emergency hospital for treatment. The Party Central Committee, the State Council attaches great importance to the central and State Council leaders, and the leaders of General Secretary Xi Jinping. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched emergency response mechanisms•▪★, led to the establishment of multi-ministerial joint working groups and rushed to Thailand to assist in work◇●○○. The Working Group of China in Thailand has participated in the disposal of Phuket today. The Chinese Consulate General in Songka will visit the hospital to visit the hospital, coordinate the hospital to fully rescue, and organize volunteer teachers=•■…, international studen=◇◁?