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[gelatin structure]Original title: (Service · Employment) Foreign graduation college students to visit Nanjing to find a job can be packaged in Nanjing On April 15th (Reporter Chen Yuan) Nanjing recently launched “Young Talents Station☆…”, field college graduates to Nanjing to find work or settle Can be applied to the youth apartment for free living for 3 to 5 days. It is understood that in addition to foreign college students◇☆•□, local colleges and universities will stay in Nanjing, and there is no fixed-place in Nanjing◆-, they can also apply for free★•-□. At present, the first stage provides the service of the Southeast Youthhui concentric store in Jiangbei New District•◇▪=, Nanjing◁•▪, and the service object is also in the enterprise unit of Jiangbei New District, and the university graduates in Jiangbei New District are mainly○◁●…. Eligible graduates can submit applications through WeChat public accounts or to live. Dong Liangqin, the store●△, has 386 sets in the stor.

Original title: The first domestic aircraft carrier has a move this year? Source: Legal Evening News · View News Legal Evening News · View (Reporter Li Hongpeng Edited Yue San) March 8 On the afternoon, the National Peoples Congress, Dalian Ship Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd…▲. Party Secretary, Chairman☆▲=■, the first domestic aircraft carrier Liu Zheng◆-…□, the general command of the project, accepted the interview with the news reporter. Liu Zheng said that domestic aircraft carriers currently work according to plan, and there is a more exciting presentation in 2018▲-◁●. ▲○”From our shipyards perspective, I can confidently, we build aircraft carriers technology-●◁△, process managements ability and level■★▷, not in the world in any country in the world.●◇” (Liu Zheng representative) View: Current domestic aircraft carrier progress how is it◆•…☆? Is there a new ◁☆•-“action▼★” this year?

Original title: The first week of the two sessions read Chinas implementation efficiency, and half of Marxism did not have March 20th●▲◆, the first national two sessions after the 19th National Congress. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China depicts the next few decades, the “Government Work Report” determines this years construction map○…▷. “Party and national reform programs” have also been announced. Blue drawing, the construction is set•◁=▼, the agency is adjusted●-□▽, a series of target implementations, the key is implemented. A sense▽▷, the two will come to an end●-▼, which is an important time window that read Chinas reform direction△…, implementation efficiency. How do new institutions list new? How does the center take a lead in action? How do you implement the spirit of the two sessions? This week, there is an efficient progress▼•. In fact, it is a good blueprint that will be raised in the implementation of the central lead in actio.Pure collagen chicken sternum cartilage collagen type ii denaturation of proteins in food industry,