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[capsule advantages]Original title: The DPP said that the residence permit is “United Front” National Taiwan Affairs Office•○=: Smear is their natural overseas network on September 12th at 10 am on September 12△▪◇★, the National Taiwan Office held a routine press conference, spokesman An Fengshan For the reception of the Taiwan residents, the response of the relevant issues were conducted on the reception of the Taiwan residents. Central Radio and Television General Taiwan Guowei, asked the spokesperson. For the Taiwan resident residence percent, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party claims to be a “United Front” in the mainland, affecting Taiwan “safety”, and is experimenting with the so-called “reverse Measures◆○▲▼. What is the comment on this? An Fengshan pointed out that the publication of Taiwan resident residence is a good thing to facilitate Taiwan compatriots in mainland China. We have introduced this policy to implement the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Taiwan Wor.

Original title: The postal industry has fully guaranteed the safety of the delivery channel during the annual meeting of the Boao Forum on April 8th to 11th●=●▪, Boao Forum 2018 Annual Meeting (hereinafter referred to as “Boao Forum”) Held in Boao Town, Qionghai City, Hainan Province, President Xi Jinping will be invited to attend the opening ceremony and publish a chair, and the Asia and the world have entered the …▷=◇”Boao Time-◆▪”. This years Boao Forum is the first major home diplomatic activity in my country■▼, the first major home diplomatic activity■▪-△, the security and service guarantee of the delivery channel safety and service guarantee▷◇▷, the task is arduous•…▼. According to the National Post Office deployment requirements, the Hainan Provincial Post Office deployed★◆•▼, the provinces postal industry will plan, carefully deploy-▪▽▪, measures, and strive to save the delivery service more smoothly and more efficient○☆△, so that “Boao Time” is more streamle.

Israel can not be announced to victory / Soloimo Ben Ami in 2021.5★▷■.31 Total No□◇. 997 “China News Week” can trigger a war, but the cause of the war is always deep○◇○. In this event=▷△▼, the fuses of conflicts are triggered, and the East Jerusalem Sheikjara Community supports Israeli nationalist to expel the Palestinian people, which touches all sensitive nerves of Israel-Palestinian conflict. Shekhjara Community Controversial Real Estate was a Jewish family in 1948, which may be a fact●…◆△, but the Palestinian people will perseverely promote the components of Jerusalem in Israel, and it is also a significa!

[Review Line] Sunbird Review▽★◁-: Building a rural revitalization of rural rejuvenation with ■○◆”Net Red Town”◇-•, a ●☆★”Chinese Characteristic Town Death List▽…” is widely circulated, and the Bai deer original folk cultural village is listed. This ☆▪★”net red town” has quickly declined in several years, and the shop is closed•=▪□, and tourists are difficult◆■☆. Once again, I walked to the “Net Red Town△■○☆” of this people▲▪, it is very difficult to link in a scene that reached 150,000 people in the day●◁•, the same place, such a tremendous change•▼○, this is The ◆-••”Net Red Small Town★○▲-” development “reverse case” is also the lessons learned in the revitalization of “specialty small towns”. In the new era, it is necessary to promote the rural vibration wa■•. bovine hide collagen peptides safe collagen supplements halal Gelatin wholesale.

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