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[gelatin fertilizer]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 12th National Peoples Congress Commission△■◁•: Seize the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Atmosphere to pollute this nail, until the blue sky Beijing News (Reporter Shaob) on the afternoon of March 12, the 13th National Peoples Congress A Meeting News Center held a press conference on the “Peoples Congress Supervision”. Yuan Wei•▼▲, deputy director of the 12th National Peoples Congress, said that it is necessary to insist on carry forward the spirit of ○●-■”staple□▼…” and seize the most prominent nails that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei air pollution is coming, and stand until the blue sky. Beijing has released air pollution orange warnings two two days, Yuan Wei frankly…★▷○, one mentioned smog, the mood would not happen some heavy. Atmospheric pollution prevention and treatment of the past five years, it is a very important part of the Standing Committee and the Environment of Environment. “On the one hand, it is legislation. We have revised the environmental protection law a.

Henan trade unions continuously improve the capacity and level of service overalls, service grassroots○◇★▪, service workers [Struggling Centennial Road Qihang New Journey Trade Union Work Tour] Leading employees to promote the main military reading of the rise of Central Plains to read the Henan trade union to maintain employee rights as basic responsibilities, With the power of deepening the reform and innovation, continuously improve the capacity and level of the trade union organizes the service overall situation, the service base, service employees, and do a new year of the new era of Henan union work▷▲. Hundred Years Vichang Road=•☆, struggle to build Huazhang△□. Standing in Zhengzhous Erqi Tower, always showing the unique position in Henans industrial transportation in the history of China★▪. Under the leadership of the party…•, September 18, 1925△•-, totaling in Henan Provin.

Original title: This is Chinas highest to fight military command, release three strong signals•□! At 11 oclock last night, you slept, the Peoples Liberation Army also played ==”Taiwan independence” in the southeast coast protein industry profits protein range solbar industries! This should be the highest military exercise in China so far●…▷▷. Almost live broadcast. At the beginning, CCTV played the relevant screen, and many live scenes of the live attack. In the video, the helicopter of the armed helicopter is slightly skullped, with a missile and rocket to implement a number of goals such as sea floating target and analog ship. It should be the lens mounted on the helicopter, so that we see the scenes of the rocket and missile launch very close to the missile. This exercise has been carried late from the evening. After 23:00 pm, as the last helicopter landed, the shot drill in the sea was successfully completed◇★●•. according .

Original title: Eli Qing Su Rong Case Yu Nihui Jiangxi is strictly dealing with 43 party members in accordance with the law in accordance with the law on September 11th, “The news conference on the resoluteness of the full and thoroughness of the Su Rong case” press conference in Jiangxi Provincial Government Information Office Press Release Office was held▽…-. What highlights have this conference★…? Follow the information daily newspaper. Q: In recent years, our province has adopted a series of measures to eliminate the residual poison of Su Rong, and promote the political ecological construction of the wind and the gas◇■●. What effective=▷△•? A□▲□▷: · Resolutely investigate and deal with the violation of the relevant personnel involved in Su Rongs cases, the 43 party members who involved Su Rong case made serious deal with the law according to law, including serious violations and suspected of crime has been transferred to the judicial organs to handle 9 people▲…▷◆, giving the party discipline 16 peopl?About Us is gelatin capsules halal edible gelatin 20 mesh!