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[gelatinous tablet]The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided: Comrade Yang Xin served as the Secretary of the Party Committee, Standing Committee and Autonomous Region Commission for Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Source☆○: Tianshan Net Yang Xin resume Yang Xin, male••…○, May 1959, Han people, Shaanxi Xingping-◆◇, graduate education, participation in July 1980△☆-, July 1980□=◆, joined the Communist Party of China●●•. Zeng Yi Youth League Xianyang Committee, the Communist Youth League Xianyang Municipal Committee organized the Minister of Propaganda Department, the Secretary-General of the Youth Federation…★△◇, Secretary-General, Deputy Director of the City Committee of the Xianyang Municipal Committee, a deputy secretary of the Zhengzhiyuan, the deputy secretary of the county party committee, the deputy secretary of the Sanyan County Committee, county magistrate , The county party secretary and other positions. In November 2006, he served as the Standing Committee of Yanan Municipal Party Committee and the Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection; December 2011, a deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee; December 2013•…, Ren Shaanxi Provincial Department of Straight Organizati!

Original title=■: [Solutions] This move today is enough to load history at 9 am today☆▼○, China Crude Oil Futures is officially listed on the Shanghai Energy Trading Center (INE). Crude oil, known as the king of commodity, ship, aerospace, military and other high-dependent△▪; futures market, as a highly effective▷▼…, transparent market▼▼◁, is also an important initiative in Chinas financial market◁◁☆. What kind of spark will be rubbed? What does China and the worlds energy and financial market? Background First, why should I establish a Chinese crude oil futures trading market? The most direct background is that Chinas demand for crude oil is too big◁◁☆. As of now○•▼, China is already the worlds largest crude oil importer, the eighth largest crude oil producer and the second largest crude oil consumptio.

Original title: How to actively deal with the aging of the population? On behalf of the members, the representative of the company has given the residents old-fashioned (Minsheng Welfare Round Table) This reporter Lu Lili Ke Zhongli Jiang Yunlong Zheng Shengcheng representative: To establish a multi-level pension insurance system●▽▽◇. In addition to basic endowment insurance, we must improve the annuity or professional annuity and pure voluntary business pension system. Yisida Towards Committee=-▽○: Further promote the right to simultaneously▪•▷, streamline the approval process, reduce the admission threshold for the pension service market, so that the old-age service industry has promoted the new kinetic energy promotion of high quality development○☆▪◇. Huang Yulin, representative◆△: It is recommended that the state has developed a special subsidy policy for the elderly and disabled elderly=●★◁, and do a good job in the connection with long-term nursing insurance. Deepen the reform of the pension insurance system=-, strengthen the basic support of the first heavy guarant•●●★.

Original title: How high is the ▪=△”meeting” of the International Organization of the United Nations? Last year, my countrys payment of 1.6 billion yuan in Beijing News (Reporter Dai Xuan) With the strength of national strength, more and more important international organizations can see Chinas figure. Today (July 20), the central department of 2017 is open to society. According to the information disclosed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a total of 16387◇○○○.2 million yuan last year, and the implementation rate is 83.6%. Last year, the department pays a contribution fee to 31 international organizations including the United Nations, Shanghai Cooperation Organization◇•, and complete the output indicators. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the completion of this project showed that my country s active responsibility for the international responsibility and obligations, enhanced our discourse and shadows in my countrys related international organization-◇. collagen peptides canada why do industries use whey protein so much

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