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Gelatin capsule vitamin d3 and chicken sternum collagen type ii gelatin production,[gelatin capsules]China Daily reporter•▼◇: My problem is to give the CPC. Last year, the issue of ecological damage in Qilian Mountain National Nature Reserve was notified=△○○, with hundreds of accountability–○★, which also caused widespread concern in domestic and foreign public opinion■★. At the same time=□, we also noticed that the Ministry of Environmental Protection is delineating a national ecological protection line. I would like to ask the yellow committee. How is this red line divided•◇▷◁? Do you think this red line prevents similar problems to appear again•▽? Can this red line keep our green mountains? Thank you. Huang Runqiu: Thanks to this reporter friend to care about ecological protection▷☆. I will answer your first question first, how is the ecological red line? According to the overall functional area of ​​our country, our countryside can be divided into three categories▷…◆◇. One is the city space▲◇=, which is to live in life and production. The second class is a farm.

The Natural Resources Department notified on the 5th, and May gradually entered the high development period of geological disasters, and the disaster prevention and mitigation situation was grim. At 18 oclock on May 5th, the Natural Resources Department and the China Meteorological Bureau jointly released geological disaster meteorological risk warning. It is expected that 20:00 to May 5th, May 4th, Henan Province▷□○, the western part of Anhui▪▷◁, the eastern part of Hubei•…, Chongqing The weather risk of geological disasters in some areas of the central and other places is high. In May, the precipitation in the northern part of Xinjiang, North China, Huanghuai★◆◇, Jianghuai, Jiangnan, and other regions should strengthen geological disasters such as landslides and mudslides induced by extreme meteorological events. Wenchuan, Luxian◆★, Yanliang, Lushan◆◁◇▪, Shigati and Jiuzhaigou and other earthquake disaster areas, to strengthen the monitoring of mudslides and landslide hidden dangers◁★★. Editor in charge◆△▷: Huo ▲•.

Original title: Lai Qingde did not have the prosecution of Ma Yingjiu as a policy [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to Taiwan Media▲▲•…, Tai Med Medal reported that “said the executive dean”▪▽◁▷, “said the executive dean”, Lai Qingde put the leader of the front Taiwan area The prosecution is considered -•”Reform Reform”, and the “Executive Yuan spokesperson▼☆=▽” Erda is strictly clarified today. This is a serious distortion. Lai Qingde has never been prosecuted by Ma Yingjiu. Yuda said that Lai Qingde yesterday speech, not “Ma Ying-juns prosecution is a reform of the reform”◇▪, but in explaining the ○=▪”By Improper Party Regulations”, mentioning that “Hyboy, I have promised to return the party to zero◆▽, but There is no such thing as “=▲◁,★■■” seeing this is what the Kuomintang is unwilling to do and the Democratic Advanced Party provokes. The picture is from Ta Media You Da, as for the spee☆◁□?

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei May 26 (Reporter Ma Yurui, Liu Junxi) only needs no more than 1 hour, a scrap railway truck can be automatically disassembled by the robot, and then through deep processing can become agricultural machinery…•◇, hardware and other products. On May 26th, the railway material circulation and production base established in Maanshan City, Anhui Province was officially put into operation, and the railway scrapped materials will be “re-won new◆…” here•==▷. Annual dismantling 4,000 scrapped locomotives, passenger cars, trucks, disposal of 125,000 tons of scrap rail, 58•…▷,000 tons of waste metal ○☆..▷=●. As the high-end intelligent manufacturing industry project, the production of high-end intelligent manufacturing industries is 210,000 tons, with independence R & D automation sc? Guiyang May 27th (Reporter Yang Wei) as one of the core forums of the 2021 China International Data Industry Expo□-◁, ◆◆□”Data Security” high-end dialogue held in Guiyang on the 27th. This event is the theme of “Building a big data security◆☆■, embraces industry digital wave●▼△□”, inviting government leaders, well-known expert scholars, and industry leaders to jointly explore data security development path. At present▪■, Chinas economy has gradually turned from high-speed development to high quality development. With data as the core, the development of digital economy is an important path for new and old kinetic energy conversion and cultivating new business development. This, such as data base software=○, is collected by extract○▽◆▪, data violation collection, data malicious abu◆■◇?