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[alternative protein industry]Original title: Printing said that the relationship between India, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs★△■△: China is willing to properly control and control▲▲•▽, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds a routine reporter conference■…○, and the spokesman Lu has answered the reporter. Q◆•: Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India said that the relationship between India has been critical to the two countries, the region and the world. Printing is willing to develop bilateral relations based on common development in common, and deal with each other and to maintain their sensitive basis for each other, concerns and desires■□▽. What is Chinas comment◆•…? A: We pay attention to the printed party■○=. Not long ago, Wang Yis Foreign Minister answered at China Indian Relations and explained the basic position of Chinas relationship between China and India. We are willing to use the printing party, with the guidance of the important consensus of the two leaders, enhance political mutual trust▲★▼•, promote mutual benefit cooperation, properly control and control, and promo.

Original title: After the military reform, Liu Jiao has served as the national defense mobilization department of the military committee: Changan Street, the director of the Army Political Work Department▽◇▽, the director of the Army Political Work Department, and the new position of Liu Jiaoguo was officially clear – the Political Committee of the Central Military Commission. Todays “Liberation Army News” report…◁, “the most lovely people from the people, learn from the people ▪●△.▪▼★●..” In the representative of Liu Jiaoguo▪◆, the national defense mobilization department of the Military Commission◇•▷, the party and the government and the broad masses of the people have always had the tradition of supporting the military, these full The exquisite words constitute the most symbolic identity of the military and civilians. At present, the Minister of Defense Mobilization is Shengbin. In addition, according to todays ▲■”Peoples Liberation Army” report, the regular tribute to the Deputy Political Committee of the Guangzhou Military Region Lianzhi Department will go to the Central Military Commission…●. Previously served as the count-□.

Original title: The State Administration of China issued the “On-demand theater, the on-demand office management regulations” National Press and Publication, the Standard No▼▼○◆. 14 ■△=▽”On-demand theater, the management regulations◇=” have also been on February 12, 2018 State Administration of Press, China The meeting was approved★•△, and it was now announced from March 30●◇◁, 2018▼●•◁. Director of the State Administration of Press◆▷▼▪: March 6-○▪□, 2018, on March 6◁▪, 2018, the first chapter, the first chapter☆-•, the first chapter★=◆, the first chapter, in order to promote the health and prosperity of the film industry, carry forward the socialist core values, and standardize the new business of the film industry. This provision is developed according to the Mental Cultural Life of the People and the Movie Industry Promotion Law of the Peoples Republic of China and the Film Management Regulations-☆. seco.

Original title: This year◁○▲, the soybean subsidy standard is higher than that of corn on April 3, and the Ministry of Agricultural Rural Ministry and the Ministry of Finance jointly released the 2018 financial focus on strong farmers and agricultural policies. In 2018▲•, the subsidies of corn and soy producers in Liaoning◁◇☆☆, Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia were higher than corn. On April 3▽▼, the Ministry of Agricultural Rural Ministry and the Ministry of Finance issued the 2018 financial focus on strong farmers policy. In 2018▽★◆, the central government continued to increase the investment, strengthen the project overall integration▷…■, and improve the management mechanism of funds. The soybean subsidy standards will be higher than corn in Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia. Policies include direct subsidies of farmers, support the development of new agricultural operations, support agricultural structure adjustment●…▽, support rural industrial integration development, suppo.

Xinhua News Agency-▪○◁, China, 13th National Peoples Congress●★, the fourth plenary meeting, issued a decision on the establishment of the 13th National Peoples Congress, and decided to establish 10 special committees. These 10 specialized committees are: National Committee, Constitution, and Law Commission…■☆, Monitoring and Judicial Committee, Financial Economic Commission, Education Science and Culture and Health Council, Foreign Affairs Committee, Overseas Chinese Committee, Agricultural and Rural Commission▲▲□, Social Construction Committee The special committees consisted of a number of director members, deputy director members, and a number of members. According to the Regulations of the National Peoples Congress▲◁…, the National Peoples Congress of China The National Peoples Congress needs to review the draft supervision law during the General Assembly◇□, and the National Peoples Congress Financial Economic Commission needs during the General Assembl.