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[protein energy drink industry statistics]Original title: Beijing Secretary Cai Qi went 3 units▪○◁-, set a goal on April 3, the Central Political Bureau△▽▼□, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary-•▲, Cai Qi, a day, the Capital Medical University, the Capital Medical University▷□, Beijing University of Technology 3 municipalities. In investigation, Cai Qi stressed that in accordance with the new version of Beijings urban general requirements, the capital college layout is maintained, and the district has universities in the district-★▼○. So, the problem is coming, Beijing 16 districts, which area has no college…■? The analysis found that there is no university, but also in the campus or division is not only a region, but also a few districts. Cai Qi: The municipal universities must adhere to the trip of differentiation development, and Cai Qi has seen the characteristics of the three municipal colleges and universitie.

China New Network May 27□◆, the newsletter of the Ministry of Electronics, Sun Wenjian introduced the 27th○◁□. With the extensive development of new crown vaccination, the transportation task of vaccine cargo is increasingly heavy. In order to do a good job in vaccine cargo transportation organization and service guarantee, the Ministry of Transport is guaranteed◇▲▽. -▽”As of now, my countrys vaccine cargo transportation can be said to have enough capacity, smooth operation.” According to a press conference, there is a reporter question▲•. At present, my countrys orderly promotion of vaccination work□▼, with some diagnosed cases in the near future□★▷□. What measures and progress have occurred in vaccine□■☆▷? Sun Wenji□★◇▷?

Original title: Sino-Discipline Inspection Monology: Monitoring System Reform is the most important political system reform after the 18th National Congress. With the review of the Constitutional Amendment and Supervision Law, the National Supervision Committee is formally established☆△□△, and the national monitoring system reform enters the deep water area☆■△. Looking forward to the process of giving, people have deepestly realize that the most important political system reform since the 18th National Congress of the party is the creation of the creation of the socialist supervision system of Chinese characteristics★▷=-, and the reform task is destined to have another way▷◁◇…. Explore an innovative road. All the way, the national monitoring system reform has been comprehensive from the strict governance of the party, strengthens self-supervision, deepening the reform, innovation system, and puts the reform results into the constitutional and supervision law◇▽●▷, incorporating the rule of controlling orbit, and achieve comprehensive deepening reform, comprehensive Governing the country according to law, comprehensively from the strict control of the partys organic unity and coordinati?

China Exchange Network May 27th According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia○●, recently, from Cambodia to enter new crown confirmed cases•▽-•, China s residential embassies decided to start from Cambodia Time 021 June 0, Cambodia went to Huazhong Foreign Passenger to cross the new crown virus cross-crossed test=◆▪, and the test requirements were adjusted: First, the number of tests from Cambodia Time, June 4▼○, 2021=◆◁, from 0▼◆◁:00, the self-invite visit to all the Chinese and foreign passengers who went to China to China▼=□▲, A nucleic acid detection (referred to as ●▪”single test▷▲” must be performed within 3 days before boarding, and ==”double detection▷▽●-” (ie nucleophilic acid and serum antibody detection) is performed within 2 days before boarding■▪●. Second, the test time and pla.