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Pure collagen.[wheat protein global industry]Chutian Metropolis reporter□…☆: I want to ask questions about Liu Limin•-. my countrys left-behind children and mobile children have reached 100 million, and their education is concerned. I would like to ask Boh★☆, you think how the governments▽■▽, schools▲●△, and families have to play their respective roles to ensure that they accept fair and quality education. In addition, how to make the financial funds related to compulsory education ▪▪-◇”money come□★” truly to each child? Thank you▪▽. Liu Limin: Thank you for your such a love=▲◇. Because you pay attention to a group that is most worthy of attention, this is during our modern construction◇◆●, there are a lot of migrant workers into the cities, whether left-behind children◁=, or their children, they are the children of migrant workers◇•▼. Their parents have made our socialist construction, and our government should take hi.

Original title•○•▽: “The serious damage to the global free trade system” is two profits▪▽, fighting=○□. After the US President Turpsen■▽, the people from all walks of life in many countries in many countries in the world have expressed concerns about China-US trade friction and upgrading…◇■. They believe that the US government is stimulating a global trade war. This has made great damage to the global free trade system. The United States should abandon my behavior of my life, and China has developed a broader economic and trade mutually beneficial cooperation space. “The trade deficit is normal and needs to solve in the existing international rule system◇=▲” “The US government puts international rules as children, fundamentally harms the US political credit●◁▪-, and shakes the United States international status.” French economic intelligence library international forward-looking Information Research Center expert Sebasti?

Original title: The country is at the scene The first participation in the national two sessions, Hu Haifeng representatives arrived at 4:50 pm today△■◆, the National Peoples Congress★…, and Hu Haifeng▲◁, the Mayor of Jiaxing City•▼, Zhejiang Province arrived at the National Peoples Convention Center. In the face of -□★”political incident” (WeChat ID◆◆●★: xjbzse) About what suggestions this year, he smiled: “Still considering.” This is Hu Haifeng for the first time of the National Peoples Congress representative■◁◁○. The official resume shows that Hu Haifeng served as the mayor of Jiaxing in 2016. Previously, he has served as the Dean of the Tsinghua University of Zhejiang, the Party Committee Secretary▷◁••, Deputy Secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee☆★◇, the President of the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee▼•=▷; deputy mayor of the Jiaxing Municipal Peoples Government. On February 6, “Zhejiang Daily” published an interview with Hu Haifengs article. Hu Haifeng talks in the artic.

Original title: Protect aquatic biological resources Say goodbye to the singularity of the Agricultural Rural Ministry recently released the announcement◆◇▽, from April 1st, the ban is implemented in the Yellow River Basin. This is the first time to implement a stream-oriented ban in the Yellow River. What is the meaning? How is it implemented? A few days ago, the deputy director of the agricultural rural parts of the Agricultural Rural Ministry reads on the situation of the Yellow River banned during the ban. Affected by factors such as environmental pollution, engineering construction▲□▽•, excessive fishing, the decline in aquatic living resource in the Yellow River Basin is serious and has not been effectively recovered◁□…▽. In order to protect the Yellow River aquatic biological resources…□◇★, local banned systems have been introduced along a lot of regions. However, due to the lack of institutional design in the national level, the main is mainly in the Huanghe aquatic biological resource protection, and the cooperation mechanism of the workplace, the lack of streaming is also waitin.