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About Us.[empty soft gelatin capsule]Original title: pay attention! Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration WARNING WARNING On April 21◆□=•, the Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration website continued: announcement of 20 days to 28th, some of the sea areas of the Huangbai Sea implement military tasks, and any vessel must not enter the sea in the above time●◇=■. The specific information is as follows□■, the Liao Air Police 0081 Bohai Strait Yellow Sea-◆•▷, on April 20th to 2700, at 1○◇▼■. 38 ° 5141 ■▽▪”N121 ° 3812△•△” E2. 38 ° 3412 ▽-“N121 ° 3812” E3. 38 ° 3355 “N121 ° 0751” E4. The 38 ° 4813 “N121 ° 1403” E-order is implemented within the connection range. No ent unflavoured gelatin powder!

China News Agency★…, Hong Kong, May 26 (Reporter Shi Bing) Xiaomi Group announced this years first sector performance, total income and adjusted net profit were a record high in the quarter. Three months ended March 31, the total revenue was 76.9 billion yuan (renminbi★=☆, the same)△▽▪, an annual increase of 54□….7%, adjusted net profit of 6069 million yuan, an annual increase of 163.8%, and the market is expected. Xiaomi said that its “mobile phone × AIOT (Artificial Intelligence and IoT) core strategy has achieved remarkable results. In the first quarter of this year, the global smartphone shipments increased by 69.2% year-on-year, reaching 49-▷◁-.4 million units, ranked third in the world, with a market share of 14.1%, mobile pho whey protein in food industry plant protein industry continue!

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, May 27, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee held a symposium in Beijing on the morning of the 27th. The Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China••, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Chairman Sui Battle Book attended the symposium and speaking. He emphasized that he should adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinpings socialist socialist thinking, and learn to implement the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on “three rural” work, adhere to agricultural rural priority development, and implement and promote the promotion of rural revitalization◆▲…. Promote agriculture high quality and efficient, rural shoulder, farmers rich. It is pointed out that the party center of Xi Jinping is highly valued by the countrys revitalization=▷. General Secretary Xi Jinping issued many tim□☆■.

Original title: Zhang Jun: Prison is not the zoo to be admitted, can accommodate…◁■, running on Overseas Network on March 3, 3, 2018, the first -□•▷”minister channel○•□★” in the country in 2018 in the 13th session of the National Committee of China The opening ceremony will be officially opened. In answering questions about the •○”Spring Festival during the Spring Festival, the Ministry of Justice Zhang Jun said that the transformation of criminals■☆■, we have to do” get it under the gains, manage, and cant run. ” Prison is not a zoo, and the raptor beast has been concerned in the zoo. Whether the prison can be safe, responsible for the security of the overall national security, must be responsible for the transformation of criminals to become a law-abiding citizen. This must be done safe, and then do the safety. Zhang Jun said, “Let the transformation of criminals sociali how big is the protein powder industry!

The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was held on March 2★••, 16:30 on March 2△◇▼=, at the Press Release Office of the Peoples Hall. The General Assembly spokesperson Wang Guoqing introduced the situation of this conference and answered the reporter. Wang Guoqing: Xi Jinpings new era of Chinese characteristics is the fundamental follows of current and future economic work. Therefore, as long as we understand the meeting and grasp, conscientiously implement and fall into practice, the development of Chinas economy will change higher quality, more efficient, and continuous, continue to play the “crimping stone” and main engine effects of world economic growth. Thank you△□•☆. Editor in charge★▷: Zhang Jian.