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[capsule size capacity]Source: Guanhai Solutions Original Title◆◆▪○: Japan Kantong Army Dasing Disappears 13 years▲=, traging the corruption case Legal Evening News · Viewing News (Reporter Yue Sanmi) As we all know, the Guan Dongjun is the main military power of the Northeast of my country during the Anti-Japanese War. The Chinese people have committed a heinous crime. However, after the end of 2003, the seventh selection of the “Guan Dongjuns General Sitching Officer”, “Guan Dongjuns General Site○☆•”, which was originally saved in Fushun War Management Office, has disappeared. Until 13 years later, in January 2017, the police finally solved this “cultural relics evaporation◇▽•” mystery – Li Mou◆▲△, director of the Office of Management Office○-, hiding it☆■☆, ready to sell, the association is even ready to contact Japan Buyer. A few days ago◁◇◇, Li was sentenced to 6 years in prison for criminalizing corruption. turn o.

Original title: Yang Bo nominates Zhao Wenliang, Alax League, no longer hold (Figure Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Network Alasin April 3 Comprehensive report According to Inner Mongolia □▽▪•”Alasin release” news, March 30, The Alax League Committee held the League Leading Cadre Conference, the Party Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region decided: Comrade Yang Bo served as a member, deputy secretary of the Alashan League Committee▼▽, nominates the Alasin League. Comrade Zhao Wenliang no longer served as deputy secretary of the Alasiss League Committee▼•▲, a member, nomination of the Alax League League. Comrade Zhang Guoping served as a member of the Alashan League Committee and the Minister of Organization. Comrade Tian Dezhi no longer serves as a member of the Alasiss League Committee▼•▲=, Minister of Propaganda Department. According to the China Economic Network Local Party and Government Leading Peoples Library, Yang Bo▪-=☆, born in September 1968◇■, once served as the Standing Committee of the Hulunbeier Municipal Committee, Manzhouli Ci.

Original title□◁•: (two sessions are subject to the right to release) Guoba WANG Yang Han Zheng Participate in some delegations of the National Peoples Conference to review the Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, China▷••, China◇•=, China Communist Party of China●○△•, the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, Vice Premier Wang Yang, Han Zheng, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, participated in some delegations of the 13th National Peoples Congress on the 13th National Peoples Congress. The Sui Battle has participated in the Hubei delegation considered. After listening to Jiang Chao Liang…★, Wang Xiaodong○△▽▲, Wang Younong, said that the Strong Book said that the socialism with Chinese characteristics entered the new era, we must carry out great struggles, build a great project, promote the great cause, achieve great dreams▼○, must adhere to Comrade Xi Jinping For the strong leadership of the core Party Central Committee, we must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinpings socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics▷•▪. modi.