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[industrial protein synthesis]Express Taobao Data China Earthquake Network officially determined, 44-level earthquake occurred at 21:48 in Taiwan at 21:48 on April 16th○●, the seismy source is 18 kilometers, the earthquake is located 23▪•.05 degrees north latitude, 121.37 degrees East, is about Taiwan Island 2 km. The epicosome of the earthquake is automatically written by the machine from 22:25□▼:25:25●○, 2018=▲△=, for use in 8 seconds, and the public beta is for reference only. Editor in charge□▪: Huo !

Original title…▪▽: One blessings★▷•, a positive platform source: Changan Street, “May 1 slogan○-▪•” released the 70th anniversary○□…, the Chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference, President Ge Hujun attended a special commemorative event on April 28. In order to promote the work of the CPPCC to expand the position in the new media field, Zhejiang created the “Tongxinyuan” WeChat public number, focusing on building a garden, promotional windows◆▲◁, promoting the window, hoping to let more people listen to Zhejiang stories, the story of the CPPCC Ge Huijun speaking long-term publicity work, Ge Hujun has a deep insight into new media communication•▼○-. She asked the Political Consultative Conference to publicize the work ▽-▲”enthusiasm to embrace” Internet, insisting on the content of the king▷▲◁△, strengthen user thinking, innovate in the form. This is also the emphasis on Ge Hujun at the Tourism Association of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference on the 26t.

Zhongxin☆○•☆.com May 27th▽▪, May 27th•▲, the Ministry of Defense held a routine meeting, deputy director of the Ministry of Defense▽□=△, Tan Kefei▷•▼, the Department of Defense, and the Ministry of Division, and the DPPs authorities collude to meet the external forces, sell national interests▷▼. Even the fantasy “Wu Huan▽◆●” will only bring Taiwan compatriots into the disaster abyss. At the meeting, there were reporters asked▪=●•: According to reports, the US Protection Safety Cooperation Agreement is proposed to release an announcement to Taiwan to sell offensive weapons such as M109A6 self-suggeston△□◇•. This will be the first time the governments launched after the Gitden government. According to reports, the Taiwan Air Force recently tested AIM-120 in the Southeastern Airways, which was the first time after the sale of this missil.

Original title Li Zi Chang female▼●: I want to take back some fathers ashes to the mainland [Global Times Comprehensive Report] After the death of Li Wei in Taiwan■-◇▷, after the death of the past, his long-lasting girl Li Wen (Li Wei and the former girlfriend Wang Shangqin) on the 26th in Dongsen News ” Who said, ▼○▷☆”said that he knows that Li Weis collet in the program◁=-…,” It is expected that this week will go to Dad, I dont know if other families agree○■, I want to take back some ashes to the mainland. ” Li Wen and Li Wei did not go, the only contact with the pipeline is Li Weis broker, Li Wei gives her life expenses through the broker. Li Wen is very dissatisfied with the younger brother of the same fathers mother, saying that he will send a lawyer to Li Wei, and ask Li Weis will, this week will go to the court to file a parent-child relationship lawsuit■▼▪. Li Wen is born in the United States, graduated from the Universi. bovine hide collagen peptides vs hydrolyzed collagen gummy pectin Pectin manufacturer does taking collagen bovine hides peptides raise prostate psa bovine collagen peptides good for you!