25kg bag gelatin powder – pork collagen

Pure collagen.[bovine hide collagen peptides type]Original title: The United States □▷▼”grasping the wrong medicine” foreign media: Test Chinas time – Reference News Network reported on March 8△▼, US President Trump, announced by the White House, will be 25% of imported steel Tariffs, 10% tariffs on imported aluminum products. Tariffs will be officially effective after 15 days, just on March 23. There is public opinion that the United States will move the trigger of the “Trade War○▷★◆”. More foreign media sighs: Trumps tough position on trade issues test Chinas “strategic power=•★”. The US “small friends” have already been “sitting” according to media reports▪=▪, in terms of this US new tariff policy, in view of the current US••□…, Canada□▼▽△, Mexico is being talked about “North American Free Trade Agreement”, Trump means Canada and Mexico will be temporarily exemp□•▲▲.

Original title: Protect aquatic biological resources Say goodbye to the singularity of the Agricultural Rural Ministry recently released the announcement●◇○, from April 1st▷▲◇, the ban is implemented in the Yellow River Basin. This is the first time to implement a stream-oriented ban in the Yellow River■□▲. What is the meaning? How is it implemented? A few days ago-▽, the deputy director of the agricultural rural parts of the Agricultural Rural Ministry reads on the situation of the Yellow River banned during the ban. Affected by factors such as environmental pollution●△, engineering construction●•▲□, excessive fishing, the decline in aquatic living resource in the Yellow River Basin is serious and has not been effectively recovered. In order to protect the Yellow River aquatic biological resources, local banned systems have been introduced along a lot of regions. However, due to the lack of institutional design in the national level◇△○■, the main is mainly in the Huanghe aquatic biological resource protection, and the cooperation mechanism of the workplace, the lack of streaming is also waitin.

Original title: Hua Chunying continuous five-day angry, US trade official remarks today, she used this string [Global Times – Global Network Reporting reporter Bai Yunyi] According to the US CNBC19, the US White House Trade Consultant Navaro said 19th At present, China has fallen into a zero and games in trade issues in other countries in the world●★-▼, and the United States needs to cooperate with other countries◆▷◇. In this regard, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Huat Chun Ying has batch its batch as “reversed black and white” in the 20th, and the …-●”ridiculous speech” ●▷…”against the trade war in the United States, and suits a series of numbers to refute•△◇. This is already this Chinese female diplomat for the fifth consecutive day in the public reporter to high-profile criticism to provoke the foreign trade dispute. Hua Shengying said that thanks to Chinas rapid growth economy and huge consumer market, many US compani★●☆.

Original title: The first time in Beijing City Deputy Center is open to the public○▼◁, and the first time I will focus on the first time – Source▲◆…●: WeChat public account “Probaration” September 13●•, 2017◁▷◆△, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China△□◁•, the State Council officially approved “Beijing City Master Plan•▼☆. Clarified the city space layout of “one core one person…◁■”. Among them●△•, “a pair” refers to the Beijing city departure center. This morning•…▼, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress listened and considered the “Beijing City Deputy Center Control Detailed Plan (Draft). Zhang Wei△△, director of the Municipal Planning and the Land and Resources Management Committee, currently▲…, ▲-“subtype detailed plan” has formed a phased outcome☆◇. Key to handle three groups of relationships “Beijing City Deputy Center is a wing of Beijing New Wings, will strive to create a harmonious and livable covarian of international first-class▲▪☆■, new tow.