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[apple pectin]Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 27 (Reporter Cui Lin) “From the former Tiantong main force to today shop small two, we are accelerating the construction of the parks ecological lavender, the future will increase the three halls (ie: Technology Innovation Demonstration Center, Cultural Museum, Library, Art Museum△▲▷, is equivalent to creating a ecological sector living room supporting enterprise development. As a platform company in the park development and construction, focusing on the balanced development of aiming industry and urban functional supporting construction. Started in the 1991 Lanzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as “Lanzhou High-tech Zone”), such .

Original title▽◁: Big scientific equipment, to build a large basic science device, “there is a certain window period•▲◁▽, and it must be done in the window.” 3 On the 12th, I talked about the large scientific equipment. Yang Weili, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, pointed out that the large scientific equipment should have an important result of the original originality in the window period, leading the research in the relevant fields◆■. “We have to use it to use it.” So•▽●■, how can I make the big scientific device can be built▷●▷▼, and can I “use it”★◆? Decision – Is it true•-☆? The head of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference○□△, the person in charge of the steady strong magnetic field experimental device, told the Science and Technology Daily reporter, building a large scientific device, should start from the actual needs of basic scientific resear…●◁!

Original title•-□: pure dry goods most important protein supplement animal industry◇○○• Pure collagen,! Less than 900 words△▽, easily master the highest inspection work report china industrial gelatin Multicolor hard empty capsules gelatin what is it made of! On the afternoon of March 9, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Cao Jianmings report made a work report to the 13th National Peoples Congress▽■. The key points are as follows: These big things are worthwhile•◁: Guoshou five years agreed to arrest criminal suspect 453•▪○=.1 Ten thousand people prosecute more than 7173,000 people■■◆=. In the past five years▼▷■▪, there are 8-◆▷,932 crimes in the community of black society. Since 2016•○…◆, there has been a total of 51◁-…,000 telecommunications network fraud crimes. In 2016◁△▪, a total of intentional injury medical staff has been sentenced to 7816 people in the hospital■★. Strict anti-corruption for five years to investigate the crime of investigati.

[I am in the Chinese ambassador] “The Chinese Communist Party of China is paying attention to” [Editors Press] Read the Chinese Communist Party to read today China●=. In 2021•★, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China provides historical opportunities for China to deepen mutual understanding of the world▪○. From May 18, the overseas network ■▪•”I was in China…△”, “I was launched a special plan” Ambassador to China-◁▽●, Ive IN the 100th Years of the Party “★◇▲, inviting the ambassador in China to tell the Chinese Communist Party in the eyes. This is the seventh phase▷◁☆◆. ———— “The 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China is very concerned about it◇○■◇.” The world is very concerned about Ganlin in China, recently said in receiving overseas interview.

Original title: The Standing Committee of the two provinces of Guizhou has changed the same day, and one person has another approved by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China: No Comrade Liu Xiaoyais Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee△◆○☆; Another use of Comrade Tang Chengpei in the CPC Central Committee. According to public information, Liu Xiaoyai was born in March 1962◁◇, the Miao○▲▽△, the original Guizhou Provincial Committee, the Minister of the United Front, has served as the Party Secretary and Chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Conference in January this year. Tang Chengpei was born in September 1964. He has been working in Anhui Province. , The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee. Liu Xiaokai▽○•, Liu Xiaoyai, male, Miao, March 19.