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[functional properties of proteins in food industry]Original title: The central banks “according to the troops” all day◁▲◆●, the net retransmission of hundreds of billions, considering the financial institutions legal deposit reserve retirement and local national library cash management operations can be impact on factors such as rebounds of the Bank of Bank, in order to maintain the mobility of the banking system Stable, the central bank did not carry out open market operation on March 5. Due to 100 billion yuan in Monday, I realized hundreds of billions of net reincarnation since then. In terms of capital interest rates, Shibor rose•••▽, overnight and 7 days of variety☆◁. Overnuasing 12.10bp report 2.6520%, 7 days Shibor fell 0.3bp twice to 2.207%, 14 days of Shibor rose 0☆■.20bp, 1 month, Shibor rose 2.75bp to 4.0726●★▪.

Original title: The procuratorial organs have filed a public prosecution in accordance with the law○•▪•, and Liaoning procuratorial organs according to law. Liaoning procuratorates were suspected of abusing their powers•☆, accepting bribes, misappropriation of public funds, bribery cases, and Guo Zhixin▽☆●▲, the former deputy mayor of Tieling○○, Liaoning Province. Guo Zhixin (deputy hall) is suspected Exhaust the sin of power○▷, accept bribes, misappropriation of public funds■■, and bribery, by the Dandong Peoples Procuratorate☆◁○, the Peoples Procuratorate of Dandong Province, the Dandong City Intermediate Peoples Court filed a public prosecution. The procuratorate informed the defendant Guo Zhixin enjoyed the rights rights of Guo Zhixin in the review and prosecution stage=☆▷, and immediately asked Guo Zhixin, listening to its defending opinion. Dandong Municipal Peoples Procuratorate India Control: Guo Zhi Xin, the defendant, deputy mayor of Tieling, smuggling, abuse of power, the plot is particularly serious•▷◇□; use it as the Tieling City Finance Bure•◆?

Xinhua News Agency San Francisco May 26th (Reporter Wu Xiaoling) A shooting incident in the northern city of Northern California, 26th, causing multiple deaths-◇. San Clara County police in San Jose said that shooting incidents occur at 6☆=★○:30 local time, location is located in a light rail facility in San Clara Valley Transportation Administration in San Jose…★. The shooting caused multiple deaths and injuries, and a male gunman has confirmed death■△◆☆. At present, the case site has been blocked and the police are carrying out investigations□■••. According to local media reports, the dead and wounded includes a number of staff of the light railway vendor. [Edit: 立○▽□-.

Original title◇•=△: Tissue •△□▲”China Manufacturing 2025″, the United States is ignorant or deliberate? – Visit the Minister of Industrial Economics, Minister of Industrial Economics, Minister of Industrial Economics◆•▪…, Minister of Industrial Economics, Zhao Changwen (April 07, 2018), 2018△■, 2018 Wang Zheng, recently, the US Trade Representative Office issued a report on Chinas 301 investigation report, and announced It is recommended to increase the list of Chinas import product list★△★, which triggered the situation in China and the United States into the tension. How to objectively analyze this report and the problems reflected behind the report, actively properly respond, on April 5, the reporter interviewed the Minister of Industrial Economics Research by the State Council Development Research Center. Zhao Changwen. “The 301 survey initiated by the United States◆○, the name is to protect US companies in technology transfer, market qua-☆.

Xinhua News Agency, on May 27, May 27, State Councilors and Foreign Director Wang Yi should laupass on the UK chief ministers and diplomatic development. Wang Yi said that last year•★, President Xi Jinping twice compared with Yanson△◇=★, and expressed the direction of the relationship between the two countries□☆■. China-English relations have a deep foundation and strong power, and China has always attached importance to the International Status and role of the United Kingdom, and is willing to be a ▷□△…”global UK•△◆•” partner. Despite the impact of the epidemic, China and British trade volumes have grown against the trend last year△▲▼. In the first quarter of this year, China jumped into the British maximum cargo trading partner…○◆, fully illustrated the toughness and potential of Chinese and British economic and trade relations. Zhongying is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council•◇, and both parties should be.