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[chicken collagen type ii sigma]Original title: pay attention•■▼! The central bank shot▽★◇▼, the WeChat scan code pays the limit industrially important proteins gelatin collagen is collagen halal powder collagen! Flower money every day in the future. Today•▼◁, using WeChat, Alipay scan code payment has become a normal life. However do you know? Use WeChat☆▲○, Alipay, etc. Application scan code will formally ushered in the limit. A few days ago◆○…▷, the Peoples Bank released the “Notice of the Peoples Bank of China○-☆△” (Yinfa [2017] No. 296)◆○☆▼, supporting the “Barcode Payment Safety Technical Specifications (Trial)” and “Barcode Payment Acceptance Terminal Technical Specifications (Trial)” Dash [2017] No▪★○. 242 was released, since April 1, 2018. The new rules are paid for the barcode△■◆: •=”Rules”: If you use static scan code, the same customer bank or payment mechanism is single d.

Original title★▼: Former Xinhua News Agency, Deputy President of Hong Kong Branch▪▽-, Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government Former Consultant Li Shunden, the original Xinhua News Agency, Deputy President of Hong Kong Branch●▼●, Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government Original Consultant Li Shundang invalid▷▲▲▷, on March 22▷▪•, 2018 At 18:55, in Shanghai East China Hospital, I was 100 years old. According to Li Shi Wens comrades○=-, everything is from simple, and does not hold a farewell ceremony. Responsible Editor◆★: Chu Xiaoh▲•=.

Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 28 (Zhang Wei) “My dream is to wear white coat△△△, do research in the laboratory.•●▪=” The 49-year-old Gansu people remember that he learned Chinese medicine during the university. ☆…▼■, Holding glass drops, picking up the night battle for more than 20 years, the nature, angelica, Liquid▽▲□◇, etc. of the field, angelica, lily△◁, etc., is committed to the research and development and promotion of ecological health products◁•◇, enhance the peoples immunity, and advocate “health care”. Ren Zhongfeng said that since the end of the 1990s, he entered the Pharmaceutical industry in Gansu Qi Zheng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. until the general manager of Lanzhou Qi Zheng Ecological Health Products Co., Ltd. has been focused on Chinese medicine new drugs and pharmaceutical engineering technolog.

Original title: 2018 National Second Session, North Dagonghua School, Vice President Jin Li: House prices rose more than 10% annually, it will be difficult to follow the New Beijing News (Reporter Hou Run Fang Dynasty Li Xiaoli) How to look at the 2017 room price increase? How to understand related regulatory policies? What is the future housing price? The Beijing News interviewed the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Jin Li, Vice President of the Peking University Guanghua School of Management. Jin Li said that in the past decade□◁▪, the average annual increase of 10% or higher, but this skyrockery will be difficult to continue◁•. Investors continue to put real estate as the main target of investment…-, it is recommended to make a big adjustment on asset configuration◁◆. Beijing News-▽■: How to look at this round of housing prices in 2016? Jin Li: from the past ten yea.Gelatin wholesale.