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About Us.[galetin]Original title: Yangzhou State-owned Assets and CIP reported that the woman was reported to the female bipulation of the Sub-discipline Committee on March 20th, the YANGAN Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the original director of the Yangzhou City State-owned Assets Supervision and Management Committee◇▼▲…, Huang Daoolong□▼, is seriously violated, and is accepting Disciplinary review and monitoring investigation▼▼. The official information shows that the 66-year-old Huangdao Long retired in October 2012. Previously, he and the 36-year-old son■◆, Yangzhou City Public Resource Trading Center Government Procurement of Branch Huang Yu▷☆…◇, Huang Yu, who was reported by real name, is unknown. The reporter is the original staff Wang Yanru for the China Bank Yangzhou Branch. She claims to be with Huang Yu for many years and plan to get married-▽□. In July last year◁▼=◆, Huang Yu was beaten in his own man. “I went to the marriage after the police, and later I went to the Marriage Registry, I knew that he had been married!

Original title: Member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference●■: Student Thesis has issued a problem★…, only accountable mentor unreasonable Xinyang News (Reporter Zhang Wei) this morning, at the 13th National Conference of the National Committee of Education, National Committee Member, Professor Liu Wei, a professor of the Education Department of Beijing Normal University◇-, talked about the relationship between teachers and students in colleges and students◁▽•, and the media reported the self-suicide of the West, the demon magic was reported to colleges and universities. Liu Wei believes that student papers have issued problems◁◇, only accountable mentors are unreasonable. Liu Wei, for example=•, her school, a few years ago△☆, have student papers by the Ministry of Education, anonymous reviewers believe that the paper did not reach a doctoral level. Subsequently, the Ministry of Education notified the country and suspended the relevant teachers doctoral enrollment qualifications. “I think this is very wrong▽-, the accountability is needed, but you cant put your responsibili?

Original title: [Follow] @ 所有业 职工, on the recent adjustment of pensions▪○▼▲, you want to know here to enter the topic•▼: Policy · Sina News Focus on the politics to pay attention to personnel gather Xinzhan netizens suggest that the public will abandon the old Jin Yichun▽○◁▲, the Social Security Bureau •▼•◆: Morning Anti-Social Responsibility Editor: Huo ◇▷=.

Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Liu Xiaobing■◁▲: Calls for the development of the financial law as soon as possible-▼■: Legal Evening Newspaper Haika Bureau WeChat Legal Evening News · View (Reporter Li Hongpeng) Governments money spent, how to spend? In the past 10 years◇★, how does Chinas financial transparency change☆■? How do you improve the transparency of government fiscal? A few days ago, the Legal Evening News · View Journalists interviewed the National Peoples Congress, the 13th Central Committee of the Peoples Republic of China, the famous financial and economist, the president of the School of Public Economics and Management□▽★☆, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics▼●, Liu Xiaobing◆□. A representative of Liu Xiaobing, who has written “Provincial Financial Transparent Report▷•◁○” has been put out that transparency has increased from 22% to 43%, and they have been doubled, and it is quite large◇•, and there is also a large improvement space●▷◇▪. As a representative of the newly elected National Peoples Congress, he calls for financial development as soon as possib ankur protein industries ltd. website food grade powder gelatin price enteric-coated hollow capsules industrial proteins!