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[pharmaceutical gelatin suppliers]Xinhua News Agency, May 27th (Reporter Tian Jianchuan) Guangdong Jiangmen High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee reported on the 27th▷•●, and the staff accidentally poisoned in the 26th, and the four people were rescued and invalid. 2 people are still in treatment■▽. According to the report▼=△▲, at 10…▷▷:35 on the 26th, Jianghai District Jianghai District reported that someone left into the well in the Wusi Village. Emergency, public security, fire and other departments immediately came to rescue☆•▲•, and six staff members who went into the well and sent them to hospital for treatment. According to preliminary investigations, the cause causes due to the two workers underwent a dredging effort, accidentally sucking with poisonous gas, falling into the well water, causing poisoni△…!

Original title: After the two sessions, local teachers have intensive adjusted more than ten provinces Partys team change Chinas new network client Beijing March 28 (Reporter Yu Feng) The national two sessions have ended, and the provincial local teachers have intensive personnel change. At present•☆, there have been more than 10 provincial party committees of the Provincial Party Committee, in which 5 provincial party committees •▼○▼”one hand…▪” adjustment in Henan, Qinghai▽•==, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Guangxi. Data map: Deer heart society. Liu Zhankun took more than ten provincial party committees and the change of the central peoples changes during the two sessions of the country. Since the two sessions, the provincial local staff has been integrated. At present, local personnel adjustments have covered more than 10 provincial party committees of more than 10 provincial party committees Team. On March 21st••-, the national two sessions ended the second day, and the official was intensively released the river within a da?

Original title: This new rule gelatin definition hm pectin! On March 3○◆-◁, the Securities Regulatory Commission officially issued the ◁□☆◆”Book◇-” (Trial) “(Trial)” (Trial) “(Trial)” (Trial) ▽▪-“(Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as “Guidelines◁•△”)…-. Daily Economic News (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that ◇■”Guidelines” mainly includes improving the requirements of the fund manager of the Elderly Target Fund■●●, optimizing the conditions for the fund manager•◆, strengthen the requirements of the Elderly Target Fund to choose sub-fund requirements, cancel the old-age target The specific rate limit of the fund is equal. With the increase in the old population of my country, the size of the pension fund is expected to reach 45 trillion yuan in 2025. Such a large amount of funds must have been strictly managed to have a long-term revenue. An industry insider to daily economic news beef gelatin powder halal Gelatin for Soft capsule and hard capsule use!

Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a big misty yellow warning on 17th, expects to be in the morning of the 18th, in the morning of the 18th, most of the city is fog, the visibility is less than 1 km, some areas are less than 500 meters, please pay attention to prevention. Editor in charge☆★▷: Zhang Yili.