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[industrial production of single cell proteins]It turns out that the United States is the habit of forced labor (viewing platform) for a while, since the United States◇□, •▲☆”Freelight Tower” and ▼□=”Human Rights”, continuously give Chinas spare water, “buckle”, weaves Xinjiang “forced labor” Lies, desperately drawing Western countries to short-selling China. However…▷☆, ridiculous is that the United States will not only have to accompany Chinas ●●◆”forced labor” to independence evidence•○○, but in violation of labor rights, the bad behavior of implementing forced labor is once again revealed by the media☆◁. Recently, some media disclosed that hundreds of workers from India were recruited to the construction of a large Indian teaching temple in New Jersey, USA•▼…. These Indian workers are forced to work more than 87 hours per week, only 1 hourly inco●▼▽■.

Original title: Foreign media: Thai shipwreck accident has caused 33 people to be killed in China Citizens on July 5, on July 5, two ships contained in Phuket, Thailand●▽-, according to Phuket, Thailand The latest news of the Associated Press, as of now•★, the number of victims has risen to 33 people☆▷, and all 23 people are missing. According to early report, local time on July 5, at 5:45 pm•-○, there were 127 Chinese tourists on board, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that 78 Chinese tourists have rescued●▪, 33 people missing, 16 people were killed. “Bangkok Post” reported that there were 105 people on the ■□■○”Phoenix•★●▽” of the boat, including 93 passengers★▲, 12 crew and tour guides; 42 people on the other ◇■…”Srinita”◇◇, of whi.

Original title-◁◆: Ministry of Environmental Protection: ◇=▲■”Ten of the Atmosphere”, during the first phase of the central government invest than 600 billion legal network Beijing, China, on March 6☆▪, around the three key regions, especially in Beijing◇■, Tianjin and Hebei, improved=△▽, and rectified illegal sewage. Upper collection monitoring rights, increase the efforts of various measures such as fund investment, and the first phase of the “Ten” is successfully achieved. According to the person in charge of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, during the period□•, the state has established special funds for air pollution prevention and control, and the central government has accumulated 52.8 billion yuan for special funds and more than 10 billion yuan in the budget investment▽◁. In 2017, the national prefecture-level and above cities decreased by 22.7% in 2013◇■, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Long Triangle, and Pearl River Delta and other key regions fell by 39.6%, 34.3%, respectivel?Contacts!

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