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[diy industrial protein skimmer]Original title☆★•: Beijing will cancel Xiao Ji Chi Special Students Admissions Beijing News (Reporter Shawei) Reporter Today (March 28) learned from the Ministry of Education that many fields are fully promoted to the special governance of school training institutions○•. According to Feng Hongru, a deputy inspector of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission◇■★◇, Beijing will issue the “Implementation Plan for Special Governance Action▲•◆” and the Control of Industry. Feng Hongrong also revealed that in 2019, Beijing will cancel the small birthday students enrollment◆★▼. At the end of June, the four departments of the school training institutions were completed in February 2018, and the Ministry of Educations Office and other four departments were issued “Notice on Enestology to Enestall the Extracurricular Burden of Primary and Secondary Schools◇★△○”, requiring the examination of the proof of proofing training institutions to investigate the bottom, comprehensive Turnover, supervise the inspection•▲▪. Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Victorian Edit.

Zhongxin Network Guiyang May 28th (Zuo Yukun) “If the epidemic is pressed a pause button for the worlds social economy this year, then from another aspect, it presses the economy of Chinas economy. A quick key. •▷”On May 27th, in the 2021 China International Data Industry Expo▲△•▲” Artificial Intelligent High-end Dialogue – As the Future ■●…”, the host Yang Lan said. Digital transformation••☆, •=”turn☆•□▪” where☆▽○? Experts believe that today is an era from “digitizing” to ▼●◆”智 智▼◆”☆●○. “Artificial Intelligence” high-end dialogue – Ai economy sharing future scene◇•▪. Zuo Yukun takes a minority▷-: digitization + intelligent numbe.

Original title: 82 travel agencies illegally “one-day tour☆…▪” was checked by Xinjing News (Reporter Shawei) reporter learned from the Beijing Tourism Commission yesterday that this year will determine the travel agency, continue to govern illegal “one day tour▼▼◁” chaos I like◆◁, and I will ask the travel administrations to the tourism administrative department in Beijing to fill in the operation and financial information in accordance with the law••, and fully master the overall business situation of Beijing Travel Agency. The travel agency illegal violation is suspended=▲, and the operational reprocessing data shows that from January 1•…□▷, 2017 to March 27◆▪, 2018, the Municipal Tourism Commission Quality Supervision Office accepted 3476 channels, including 1829 travel agencies. Through the object of complaints…◇, the main complaint cause analysis◇▪△, the problem of complaint travel agency is mainly concentrated in failure to perform the contract, and the implementation of the contract has not met service standards=•▽, as well as the contract change, unauthoriz★■◇.

Original title: -▪◁▼”15 days is discharged” is wrong in the mechanical implementation of ◆……▽”Medical Weather Limits” medical insurance factors must be considered, but the total control does not mean restricting individual patients reasonable medical needs. In this middle, the hospital should be more accurately treated, more reasonable△○•, rather than “a knife cut◇•▷”△▷▲◆. Wen Hu Yubins “Decomposition Hospital” △▷…”15 days of discharge” is finally ushered in the ○•◇▽”Differential Pavilion▲…”. However◁•▽, after half a year, the 尬 of medical insurance patients △•●”being taken▲…▪” is still present◇○. Recently▽…▼, according to the Yangcheng Evening News, Mr. Fan□▼…△, who lives in Guangzhou-▼, has been transferred to 5 hospitals in recent months. Nowadays, it is now facing “Huang★■•, who lives in Guangzhou▷●◇■, Liwan□▽▼●, has been” 15 days “◁◆□, and has been plagued for 5 years▲□◁◆. I have to worry about my father next da.

Original title: Cultural and Tourism Minister 雒 雒▷□•: Develop a ★▲”three-way□◇●◇” program, establish a working mechanism on March 20••■, Culture and Tourism Department Cadre Conference held in Beijing○•. Deputy Director of the Deputy Minister of the Central Organization□▽■▪, Deputy Director of the Standing Department of the Central Propaganda Department, Wang Xiaohui, Secretary of the Central Policy Research Office, Party Secretary◆=☆△, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Secretary of the Party Group▲◁▪, deputy director Li Jin early attended the meeting and speaking. Li Qun◇▼▲, Xiang Zhaolun, a member of the Culture and Tourism Leaders, Single Xiang, Liu Yuzhu, Chi Yun●…★☆, Zhang Xu, Dujiang, Li Shihong, Wang Xiaofeng●•◁, Yu Qun▼▽-, Wei Hongtao attended the meeting. Zhou Zuyi announced the decision on the appointment of the leadership team of the Culture and Tourism Department and made an important speech on the implementation of good central decision-making deployment. Wang Xiaohui made a clear requirement for further strengthening the construction of cultural and touris.